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Tutorial on How to Make a Logo on PicsArt for Beginners (Newest 2018)

Do you know PicsArt? PicsArt is a magic application that can be used to edit photos. This application offers various interesting features in it. Like organizing photo transparency, combines photos or makes interesting photo creations.

However, did you know that PicsArt also provides features for creating logos? So, for those of you who love the world of design, PicsArt can be an android application that you deserve to try.

Just like Photoshop or other design applications, with PicsArt you can define your own canvas size as a worksheet or you can choose a default size provided by PicsArt. That way, you can not only design on a PC, but can use a smartphone to make designs to your liking.

Well, in this article I will explain how to create a logo on PicsArt. For that, let's look at the full explanation of how to make the following logo on PicsArt.

How to Make a Logo on PicsArt

The way to make a logo on PicsArt is very easy. On this occasion, the logo that will be created will look like the following picture.

1. Please download and install PicsArt on the Google Play Store first.

 install PicsArt on the Google Play Store

2. Open the application. This is the initial look of PicsArt. Next, click the Add icon as shown below.

 click the Add icon

3. To start creating logos, highlight in the section 19459010 Drawings 19459011, Select 19459010 Pick Canvas 19459011.

[1945highlightintheDrawingssection” width=”400″ height=”680″ />

Note: There are two the choice you can make to create a logo, namely Create New and Pick Canvas. The difference is, Create New is used to create an image with a canvas size that is already default. Whereas Pick Canvas provides various sizes of canvas needed.

4. As previously explained, PicsArt provides several canvas sizes. Determine the size of the canvas you need. You can also choose the background that is used as the background image. Here, I choose a size of 1024 x 1024 with a white background. After that, click arrow to enter the design core.

 Create New and Pick Canvas

5. The following worksheets are used to design the logo.

 to design the logo


  1. To color the pencil, text, shape or other
  2. To give a scribble
  3. To delete an object
  4. To move a worksheet
  5. To add text
  6. To add shapes, such as lines, circles, squares and more
  7. To add an image from the cellphone directory
  8. To open or close tab

6. The first thing to do on a worksheet is to create a background. The trick is to click on the icon (no. 8), select the layer color icon to color the worksheet.

 select the layer color icon

7. Next, click the Shapes icon (19459011) (no. 6), select the desired shape. You can also adjust the thickness of the shape, color and color transparency. The color model used here is Stroke, which only gives color to the edges of the shape. Click OK when finished.

 click the Shapes icon

8. Adjust the position and width of the desired shape. Then the results are as follows.

 Set the position

9. Set the color on the icon (no. 1) to make the same shape as before.

 Set the color to the icon

10. Reselect the same shape as the fill color model, which gives full color to the shape. Click OK .

 Click OK

11. Slide the shape until the result will look like the following. Then, click the arrow located in the upper right corner.

 how to easily create a logo on pics.

12. Select the menu Edit Image.

 Select the Edit Image menu

13. This time I will add a telephone image from the cellphone directory. Instead, images are added in the .PNG format so that images easily blend into shapes. Click the icon Add Photo .

 Click the Add Photo icon

14. Adjust the image position of the image opacity to reduce the color level of the image.

 how to create a logo on Android PicsArt

15. Finally, add text by clicking the Text icon.

 how to click the Text icon

16. When finished, click the following arrow.

 how to create a logo on PicsArt

17. Click the option SAVE .

 Click the SAVE option

18. And click again Save to save the images on the cellphone

 how to create a logo on PicsArt

That's how you go about creating a logo on PicsArt directly through your Android phone. There are many more features that you can use to design logos. Hopefully this article helps you so you can make the logo design as creative as possible. Keep visiting Nesabamedia to get other interesting information.


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