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Tutorial on How to Add Numbers in Microsoft Word (Complete)

Usually when we want to add up numbers in a table, we use Microsoft Excel. Because Microsoft Excel has several mathematical operations in it.

If you want to create a table in Microsoft Word and want to add up the numbers in it, you don't need to worry. Because it can be done easily.

You can add numbers to a table in Microsoft Word. That way, we no longer need to calculate the amount manually. To add up the numbers and values ​​contained in that column, you must use the formula .

The formula used is also different from the general formula, because the formula is a special formula. This article will discuss about how to add numbers in Microsoft Word.

How to Add Numbers in Microsoft Word

Of course you must be very familiar and also often use Microsoft word, but surely you don't know that in Microsoft Word there are features to add up both values ​​and numbers in a table contained in it.

The method below will explain you straightforwardly and also simply so that you can apply them properly and correctly. Here is a tutorial or how to add them in Microsoft Word.

1. If you want to add up the values ​​or numbers contained in the tables in Microsoft Word, you must open the Microsoft Word document first. And make sure your cursor is directed to the column you want to add.

 how to add in Microsoft Word

2. After that you must enter the Insert menu and then select Quick Parts and click Field .


3. To add up the values ​​and numbers contained in the columns in the table, you definitely need a formula. Therefore in the Field box that appears, you must select Field names = (Formula) .

 how to add numbers in Microsoft Word

4. After clicking on the Field menu, a Field box will appear which contains several operations that you can use in that column. In this tutorial, you must use Formula to carry out its operations. Therefore before you click the OK button, make sure you have to click on the Formula button located on the right. If so, then you can click OK in the Field box.


5. The next step is to create a formula for addition. The formula used for addition is = SUM (ABOVE). Make sure the formula you must use the same mark as (=). Because it is useful to be able to add values ​​and numbers contained in columns in Microsoft Word.

And in Number Format, you can set it with the format ## 0 if the number is still in the hundreds, and use #, ## 0 if the number numbering in the thousands. After that click on the button OK .


6. Here are the results of the tutorial to add up the values ​​and numbers contained in the columns in the table in Microsoft Word.

 how to add in Word

How? Is the method very easy to do? Because Microsoft Word also has the same function as Microsoft Excel, which can add numbers, reduce numbers and so on. Now you also know how to add up the numbers in the columns contained in the Microsoft Word table.

Thus the tutorial article how to add numbers and values ​​using Microsoft Word. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and broaden your horizons. Not only that, hopefully you can also apply the above tutorial easily.


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