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Tutorial How to Create an Invite Label in Word (Complete + Image)

As you read this article, I am sure you are one of a few tens of millions of people who have been and used to doing things using computers. One of the most common or even mandatory applications on your computer is Microsoft Office. A multifunctional suite of applications that contain some very useful applications to support your daily performance.

Among the many applications present in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word is probably one of the most popular. Many things you can do by using this application or program, one of which is making the invitation label. Yes, you can also create invite labels using Microsoft Word. That's why we want to write an article on how to create an invite label in Word.

You do not need to be confused when using a different version of Microsoft Office, because this tutorial can be used in all versions of Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 or later.

How to Create an Invite Label in Word

1. To create an invite label, you need the data of invitation names. You can create it in Microsoft Excel. First, open Microsoft Excel .

2. Then fill Name and Address invite, then save on computer. Make sure you remember the storage location.

 Image 002

3. You can then open the Microsoft Word application that exists on your computer.

4. Then after the app opens, navigate and click the cursor on Ribbon Mailings> Labels.

 download invite format format 103 word 2007

5. Next you will be directed to the Envelopes and Labels window. Please click Options …

 how to create an invite label in word 2007

6. After you click Options it will exit window Label Options . In this window, you can view and select the various versions of labels that have been provided by Microsoft Word. But if you feel your label does not match the size of the list, you can create your own label format by clicking New Label …

 Image 006

7. Next, you will be directed to a window named Label Details . In this window, you are required to fill in the size of the label you want, after finishing the fill, click OK .

 Image 007

Here are some details you should fill: [19659019] Description:

  • Label Name : Enter with label name;
  • Top margin : Fill with top margin distance (distance between top edge of paper to edge of top first label);
  • Side margin : Fill with side margin distance (distance between paper side edge to side edge of first side label);
  • Vertical pitch : Fill with label height plus vertical distance of label underneath (third label); [19659020] Horizontal pitch : Fill with label width plus horizontal distance with label beside it (second label);
  • Label height : Fill with label height
  • Label width : Fill with label width;
  • Number across [19(19459007):SelectCustom;
  • Page width : Fill in the width of the label paper; [fillinthenumberofcolumns;
  • Number down 19659020] Page height : fill with paper label height

8. Then you will be redirected back to the Envelopes and Labels window. In this window, you can see the label format you just set. After you check and have it click, New Document .

 Image 008

9. You will then be directed to a new Microsoft Word file. In this word page, you will be presented with the following view. To add the name and invitation data to be entered on the label, select Ribbon Mailings> Select Recipients since we have previously created a list of invitation names and addresses stored in Microsoft Excel files, select Use an Existing List

 how to print invite label 103 in word 2010

10. You will be directed to the explorer window. Please look for an excel file containing the invitation name and address data previously created, then click Open .

 Image 010

11. Next will exit window Select Table . This window will automatically identify the existence of tables in the file. Please select the table previously created in Sheet1 then click OK.

 Image 011

12. You will be redirected back to the Word page. Select Mailings> Insert Merge Field> Name .

 Image 012

13. Next field Name will be automatically filled on the first label.

 Image 014

14. Do the same with the Address field by selecting ribbon Mailings> Insert Merge Field> Address .

 Image 013

15. Then layout the label with the sequence as below.

 Image 015

16. Next copy or copy all the fields that are on the first label in the second field as shown below.

 Image 016

17. To make Word can identify or sort names according to the one in the table, position the cursor on the second label before the Name field. Then proceed by selecting Ribbon Mailings> Rules> Next Record .

 Image 017

18. Position it in such a way as to be like the image below.

 Image 018

19. Set all fields to be centered or block all pages ( CTRL + A ) and center flat ( CTRL + E ) so the display looks like this.

 Image 019

20. To see the results, you can click Ribbon Mailings> Preview Results.

 Image 020

21. Or if you want to show all files in the form of an editable file, click Mailings> Finish & Merge> Edit Individual Documents.

 Image 021

22. Next will pop up box Merge to New Document please select All .

 Image 022

23. Then you will be able to see the results as shown below. You can edit it manually if you use this method.

 Image 023

That's an article on how to create invite labels in Word easily. It's an article how to make the invite label in the word above a little long and requires precision, but if you master it you will be able to easily create various letters and similar documents by utilizing the Mailings feature in this Microsoft Word. Good luck!


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