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Tricks Looking for Articles Not Found on Google

How to Find Blog Articles That Not Found or Exist In Google. How to quickly find the article we want. looking for articles that are not in google. How to maximize the search articles on google some time ago I was contacted by one of the visitors who asked how to quickly find the article we are looking at google. But in accordance with the keywords that we want .. Sometimes in searching for an internet article, especially on google search engine we are confused by what we type even more out in google, exactly not in accordance with what we want.

Before we entry at the core of our discussion on this day, it helps us a little understanding how the google system works against the keywords you are looking for. GOOGLE is the most popular search engine in the world, there are many sources of science we get, the answer to the existing problems can be resolved properly. Google may be a substitute for literature, even more sophistication than other methods of book source method.

Unlike libraries that most of us seek knowledge through books and are global, but if searching for articles on google it is more specific and specific. this is why I say google is the best online library system in this era.

All know first to look for references and guides we all have to buy a book or need a teacher to make us smart in understanding something. but now people are not even school can even exceed the smart just with google capitalize.

The increasingly sophisticated system of increasingly sophisticated by using human behavior as a principle, almost exactly this is a very perfect system. No wonder anyone now rely on google in search of articles, science, references, guides, tutorials, even all our work can be facilitated by google.

Sometimes in searching for articles on google we are bolted by many things, it is a lot of experienced by beginners who just learned about this internet world. although somewhat there are some who understand the internet world is deeper is not denied also still do not know the workings of this google system.

Maybe there are some friends who have had difficulty finding articles on google, do not even understand the concept and work that presented by google, maybe this article can help you though spelled out knowledge that will be distributed is not important or even far from the expected word

Okay I'll just try to share Tricks How to Find Articles That Not Found on Google or no digoogle [19659002] Tricks How to Search for Articles Not Found by Keywords Typed At Google

1. The First Way

In the google seo there is a grouping of article types, all of which are inside a special tag into one file file stored in google storage

For example like this

When you type search columns with keyword " labeled selling labeled selling clothes

Whereas if you are looking for tutorials or tips or tricks

You just need to add the word "how" or "tips" or "tricks" to "How to sell clothes"
So the article that came out is pembahsan on how to open a business selling clothes

It's grouped in tag tutorial labeled how to sell clothes. No wonder when you mistyped the keywords then the out is not in accordance with your wishes, want how else because this is the workings of google system. inevitably we have to follow the rules, because if not please you out the money to find the book, just for one example case

2. The second way

if you think it is correct in typing the keyword and it turns out the article you are looking still can not also then you should maximize the tools contained in google

 how to maximize google article pecarian "border = "0" data-original-height = "160" data-original-width = "845" height = "120" src = "https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-KhvQDQ8ZBBE/Ww6bA2sCGHI/AAAAAAAADVo/OtRf54IHzMEWXgIfb66sy1FuUMw5qLiPwCLcBGAs/ s640 / cara% 2BMaximize% 2Bpecarian% 2Bartikel% 2Bgoogle.png "title =" how to maximize google article breakout "width =" 640 "/> </a></div>
<p> Use the tool in google search select which country you target, select also time article a month and two months or even last year. </p>
<p> It aims to find old articles that may have been deleted, and google still save it as a web cache so that the article you are looking for can be found digoogle </p>
<p> Also take advantage of the page's next page feature on google up to 10 or 20 lam an </p>
<div class=  how to search for articles that are not in google "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 81 "data-original-width =" 493 "height =" 104 "src =" https: // 3. bp.blogspot.com/-h18AUy-peeE/Ww6bLDp8gSI/AAAAAAAADVs/QPS1lxygcG0XwVDrQrkiemKa2KTMGlJ4QCLcBGAs/s640/cara%2Bsearch for% 2Barticle%2Bdi%2Bgoogle2.png "title =" how to search for articles not in google "width =" 640 "/> </a></div>
<p><b><span style= 3. The third way

Well for this third way we use logic, as I said earlier google is a search engine that recognizes the word or text, because we start to use this as a gap to find articles that we may not get or difficult to find. 19659002] for example like this:

If you want to look for cheap clothes with a particular brand you are only fixated on big marketplace sites like lazada, bukalapak, tokopedia and others

whereas if you use logic keywords you will be idle with many options are even cheaper than the marketplace sites you see.

For example like this you want to search digoogle with this keyword "sell cheap nike clothes"

then the first to appear is a giant marketplace site but if you want to get cheaper from that site type in google search with keywords like this

"selling clothes nike washing warehouse" or "selling nike clothes 20 thousand only" then google will automartine filter the word contained in the web post and display it for you


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