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Top Highly Demanded Programming Languages in 2018

While C and C++ are still considered the holy grail of the programming languages. New and in-demand programming languages, frameworks have risen to fame. Developers need to upgrade their skills constantly to keep up with the current market. There are the many ways to know the popularity of a programming language but we think that Indeed is the best source to know the developer trends and improve the career prospects.

Indeed.com has compiled a list of programming languages that are going to be extensively used in 2018.

Highly Demanded Programming Languages in 2018

1. Java

The Job postings for Java Developers have reduced significantly when compared to 2017 but the Language is extremely well established and continued support from Oracle is keeping the language in Loop furthermore java is still used in Billion of devices worldwide and is currently able to run most of the Hardware platforms available. 90% of the fortune 500 companies are using Java as the server-side programming language. Check: Five Reasons: Why Java is one of the best programming Languages


Python is grown its popularity at a great scale over the past two years because of the advances in Machine Learning and most of the standard open source ML Frameworks are written in Python which placed the language in second place. The Python’s popularity mostly comes from the fields of Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence. Check: Why Python Programming Language is very useful for Hackers?

3. JavaScript

We all know that JavaScript is everywhere these days since JavaScript is used by more than 80% of the developers and 95% of the websites on the Internet use JavaScript for frontend dynamic logic. Facebook and Google are also backing JavaScript with ReactJS and Angular Frameworks which makes JavaScript must for any developer. We also think that JavaScript’s popularity won’t drop any sooner. Check: Top 5 Best Modern JavaScript Frameworks for Web and App Development


C++ is an old school programming language yet it is used by many developers worldwide. The C++ is the extension of the C Programming language. It is primarily is in Game Development, Embedded Firmware while many programmers find C++ hard to learn when compared to Python or other loosely typed programming languages. Check: C vs C++ : Which Programming language is better?


Pronounced “C Sharp” went down in demand from the previous year. The Programming language was designed by Microsoft as an Object Oriented Programming language to make the development of the Microsoft Apps easier. C# can also be used for Game Development, Unity Engine uses C# for it Engine. So if you are aspiring video game developer C# is the programming language to look out for. Check: Top 10 Programming Languages Used By Coders On Github


PHP is a Recursive acronym for HyperText Preprocessor which is primarily used as the server-side scripting language. Most of the Developers used PHP as a backend serverside programming language to add function to Interact with the Databases. Read: PHP vs Python : Which one is the Best Server-Side Programming?


Perl dropped its popularity by a lot and has been continuing to drop since more developers are either porting to JavaScript or Python as a replacement for Perl.

New Comers

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Swift is the programming language designed by Apple for iOS and Mac Apps. The programming language was released at WWDC 2014. While most of the iOS apps are powered by Objective-C we think that Swift will Replace Objective-C.

R Programming

R programming language is primarily used for Data Analytics. we may see it climb ranking as popularity has been rising internationally especially with the introduction of the Data Mining and Machine Learning.


Rust is termed as the most loved programming language in 2018 at StackOverflow Developer Trends. It is currently growing steadily as the programming language supports a lot of features and also offers speed since it a compiled programming language.

Important Other Technologies

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SQL is the Structured Query Language which is used by almost every software company in the world although it lacks better Loop and Basic Function it should be noted that every programming language has a SQL Driver that supports this Technology for Data Manipulation and Handling.


MongoDB has gained popularity because of its Dynamic Schema and Document based Storage.

These are some of the trending Technologies in 2018 that will help you get a better job with Higher Pay. Please, kindly a Comment your Feedback on this article.


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