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Tips On Safe And Smart Way To Shop Online

Tips On Safe And Smart Way To Shop Online. Online shopping Giant Splendid but rich shopping community we still like in the traditional market. Happy Moments like this The more often it happens thanks to the proliferation of online shops that have become part of our lifestyle. Seeing the needs and wants of the community to shop in a practical and secure online shop competing to provide comprehensive online and offline services and give priority to the convenience and safety of shopping. Seeing the needs and desires of the community to shop practically and safely online shop competing to provide comprehensive online and offline services and give priority to the convenience and safety of shopping Shopaholic may be happy but also must be more intelligent and jelly before carrying home shopping.

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The virtual dressing room

The Internet is now like a supermarket Department Store or even a virtual Mall where our shopping carts will never be full.What's more to visit these stores is almost as easy as turning your palms thanks to tablets and smartphones that always faithfully accompany. Tired of waiting or stuck in traffic? Live window shopping only from mobile phones. Many online shop owners are starting to prioritize mobile site development for that reason. Interestingly most of them previously had offline stores or outlets or boutiques. The goal is to transfer or transform offline stores into online because their girlfriends are very big in online.

Market competition is certainly a favorite online shop because the online characters are so vying to make the most attractive and user friendly site design. The developers overseas sites have even found a sophisticated solution online fashion UK shop as the principle for example they not only provide photos of each product that can be zoomed from all sides but also video model that runs on the catwalk using the product. The problem Not everyone is modeled. Esco Network Department Store and UK supermarkets with branches in various countries have a solution.

On its online shopping site They provide a kind of virtual dressing room. There customers can enter a photo or size of certain body parts to then made a three-dimensional model. Then the clothes chosen from the catalog can be applied to the model to see the match is not great? It does not deny online shops in Indonesia is not that sophisticated. Especially since Internet connections are not as fast as in America or Europe makes interactive sites or streaming videos so not easily accessible

But online shop in Indonesia generally already have a good standard in terms of access and navigation or user experience. Not only that the display online shop now also spoil the eyes of visitors. Online shop rely heavily on photos rather than goods. If the photograph does not attract people will not move to buy. The faceless models also increasingly adorn the pages of fashion shopping sites. Now this is a trend is an online shop with a simple or minimalist and sophisticated look.

They look like a class of overseas branded goods sites. This concept is popular especially for fashion online shop SMEs targeting young women. Slightly different from the larger shopping center sites. Like Hypermarket their sites are usually divided into various categories eg fashion men and women baby gear home decor and home decor. With their large selection of products, they also offer a variety of lucrative shopping facilities and benefits.

For example cashback or discount program at certain hours. Outside the country it is like asos and the book depository offers free shipping to all over the world without minimum purchase. In Indonesia there is Zalora which offers free shipping program to all regions. Approximately 2% of the shipments that occurred this year are to Sorong Papua its consideration with the cost of sending local people from Sabang to Merauke can enjoy the same fashion with the big cities. Shopping in online shopping centers is also similar way in the supermarket. Usually the products we see in the catalog can be saved as favorites or collected in a basket or chart while we are browsing. When you're done checking out we can check out directly to the payment page and choose the preferred payment method.

Online but offline

Society in America or Europe is already accustomed conduct various transactions with credit cards as it is supported by banking security which is generally better. While the Indonesian people still tend to be skeptical especially for online transactions. Evident from the results of a survey conducted on 300 online shop as much as 91% choose the method of transfer money via ATM to pay for their online purchase. Especially for purchases from domestic shopping sites of seamless payment systems or places of constraints so far can only be done by large shopping site sites.

Online shopping transactions connected with Online Banking for example found in Amazon can not be fully done here because the online business shop generally have to take the form of legal entities used to be able to use payment gateway like that. While most online shop here is still in the form of small business. Iya also observed that olshop business business that is now mushrooming on the internet also raises Salahrah kaprah. Those who sell through social media like Facebook or BBM group are often called online shop. In fact, they only use online media as a catalog.

Purchase and payment transactions are done completely separate and offline. In online shopping transactions in Indonesia buyers and sellers alike feel more comfortable making payments offline ie by bank transfer or cash payment. This method is actually not practical because usually the buyer must go to the bank or ATM first to pay and then back to the site to provide payment information within 24 hours. Our e-commerce world still faces the issue of trust. Many people who still feel not and do intangible transactions or can not be held by hand. If the wrong item can still be returned. But if the money is lost or misused credit card numbers can be wretched. The use of Indonesian credit cards also tends to be low.

Whereas transactions on international shopping sites sites require the use of credit cards as collateral and means of payment. There big shopping sites like eBay or multiply buyers are protected from tough sellers. With this buyer protection the site house will bear the cost of the undeliverable items that the seller descriptions have with the track record of either having a Trusted seller or trusted seller mark on their profile page. Payments are also not addressed directly to the seller but through those sites which already have a security system. For small and stand-alone online shop This certainly can not be done.

Usually buyers only rely on the testimony of others such as friends who have been shopping in the same store and satisfied with the goods received it is why online shop in Indonesia must diligently cover the shortfall this with a service or service that is satisfactory and reliable. Because the trust of online shop customers mostly built not through sophisticated transactions on the computer but with the interaction and communication with people behind these sites. When we shop at the store there is SPG that we can ask all kinds. Online shop should also have the same system. Although online shopping seems automated and cell service still there must be customer service that is always ready to help.

As a buyer we must take advantage of this facility. Many popular online shops in Indonesia have done this. Even who knows who started the first time customer service for online shop in Indonesia we are synonymous with their familiar greeting sis endear cotton ink is one example of online shop SMEs with good service even though its shopping sites have been very integrated they still have customer service so customers can consult. Starting from the matter of the size of the idea of ​​clothes mix and match gift ideas for friends and even the color of the clothes what suits our skin color While Zalora offers telephone purchases for customers who are less comfortable to transact on the internet. Courier services and cash on delivery or COD payment systems are also provided to reduce the concerns of customers for fraud or product errors. Products selected via the site will be delivered by courier. If it is tried it turns out that the customer can pay directly if it is not suitable can be restored.

Risks and expectations

As a smart buyer there are so many of our considerations Before we click the buy button and pay is not a matter of product quality and price alone but also various purchasing conditions that may not be visible directly on the page we visit. Do not catalog that we browse. We must also be keen to read the terms and conditions or terms and conditions or T E C for which there are suggestions. A smart customer is not only able to find the best Deal but also understand his / her rights as a buyer.

Are items already ordered can be changed or canceled? For electronic products are there any warranties? How long does it take? Most major shopping sites apply the terms of taking and exchange of goods or even a return exchange policy. According to data collected by some chicken online shops they experience increased sales after this provision. When customers know that the wrong goods can be exchanged or returned they are better to buy them. Although in practice it is time. Not to mention they may also have to bear their own postage. Finally, many are reluctant to do it.

With so many things that we must examine so that we are not emotional when shopping online. Do not because already already fall in love with the goods or hastily catch the time discount our plane ticket so pottery. The possibility of the goods we receive does not fit to be bigger. Here the seller can see Why buy his money is willing to risk the wrong goods if the price is not too expensive. At the same time cheap goods also can not be expected too good quality. In the end become an online shopper takes the courage and willingness to take risks. The point is we must also be good at managing expectations. We must understand that the goods we receive may not be exactly the same as our image or expectation. Becoming a reliable online shopper also needs experience. Which reliable figure is not.


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