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This week in Android: Note 9 review, IFA 2018 preview, and everything about the Pixel 3… seriously

Our Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review is finally here. Is it the best phone of the year? Maybe, but we’ve got five things that make it truly great.  We also check out the Pocophone F1 — how cheap can a phone with a Snapdragon 845 processor go? Lenovo is launching five new tablets, three of which you probably shouldn’t buy. Plus, someone is leaking Pixel 3 XL information like a Dutch fable and we know basically everything there is to know about it: what it looks like, all the new camera features, and what comes in the box.

Also in your top Android news, we’re taking a look ahead to next week’s IFA 2018 show in Berlin. We’ll be on the ground, and we’ve got a roundup (and a podcast) of everything we expect to see. Finally, we have a look at a new fitness tracker, and five awesome Android games that are worth their price rounding out our news of the week. So strap in, and give your seat belt an extra tug. Let’s get going.

Here are your top stories for the week
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03:10 – DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Mavic 2 Zoom are official – all you need to know

Sure it’s not Android, but it’s big news in general, and it’s huge for our sister site dronerush.com. Take a look at DJI’s two new high end drones that fit in your backpack!

15:40 – Here’s everything you could want to see of the Google Pixel 3 XL. Why is this happening?

The headline isn’t kidding. This leak reveals a lot about the google Pixel 3 XL including the size, the contents in the box, and more.

 The Pixel 3 XL leaks aren’t stopping: More info on USB Type-C Pixel Buds, Google Camera update

There’s a lot to digest in this one — we get a look at the phone along side the Note 9 and other phones, plus a closer look at the bundled earbuds and even a user’s manual because: why not?

The Google Pixel 3 XL might be a selfie-taking champion

The Google Pixel 3 XL may be a selfie taking champion.

Months before the phone is actually set to be revealed, we’re already getting “reviews” of the cameras — front and back — and they are pretty awesome reviews.

29:00 – Five premium Android games worth every cent

There are some apps out there that are so good, you really don’t mind paying for them. We found five of the best out there.

34:20 – Fitbit Charge 3 is here: Water resistant, Fitbit Pay support, and a working SpO2 sensor

Fitbit’s next health tracker/smartwatch is here, and it comes with some really nice features. Take a look!

Meanwhile, here are some stories we couldn’t cover on the podcast

Nokia's latest smartphone is here

Nokia 6.1 Plus first impressions: HMD Global’s next bet in the mid-range segment

Nokia’s latest smartphone is here — bearing Android One software and a midrange spec sheet.

Pocophone F1 review: Can’t argue with Snapdragon 845 for $300

Pocophone is hitting hard at the upper midrange space with this $300 smartphone carrying a Snapdragon 845 processor!

Lenovo introduces an Android Go tablet as well as a tablet running… Nougat?

Lenovo brought us five new tablets, ranging from low end to midrange, and we’ve got all the details here.

Pop quiz: Which phone did it first?

Test your knowledge in this quiz asking you which phone brought various features to the masses first. We can’t give you more details then that – it’s a pop quiz!

Who wants to win a OnePlus 6?

This week, we’re giving away a brand new OnePlus 6Enter this week’s Sunday giveaway for your chance to win!

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That’s it, folks! We’ll have another giveaway and more top Android stories for you next week. To stay up to date on all things Android Authority in the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our newsletters at the link below.


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