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This NVIDIA Shield deal gets you a free Samsung SmartThings Link

The NVIDIA Shield TV is our favorite media streamer on the market, and the absolute best Android TV device yet made.

But Best Buy is offering a great deal right now that makes the NVIDIA Shield TV even better by enabling it to control your entire smart home with the inclusion of a Samsung SmartThings Link.

The NVIDIA Shield Smart Home Edition bundle normally goes for $220 at places like Amazon.com. But at Best Buy right now, you can get it for only $200.

The bundle gets you an NVIDIA Shield TV media streamer, the battery-powered remote (i.e., not the rechargeable remote), and the SmartThings Link that plugs into a USB port on the Shield.

A mere $20 saved may not seem like a big deal, but a Shield TV combined with the SmartThings Link is a powerful beast. Not only can you stream all sorts of content to your television, but the SmartThings Link makes your Shield TV into a hub for your smart home, allowing you to control almost all the devices in your home with “smart” capabilities.

If you combine the SmartThings capabilities with the built-in Google Assistant functionality inside the Shield TV, you have everything you need to make your smart home even smarter.

You can read more about what’s possible with the SmartThings system here, and you can click the button below to take advantage of this deal. I’d do it fast, as there’s no telling how long the deal will be live!


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