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This is the difference between Adobe Premiere and After Effect

There are 2 video editing applications that are always a mainstay for its users, namely Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effect. Although there are still other video editing applications, however, the two applications from Adobe are best known today.

Surely even though both
the application uses the same brand, but both are different from the same
the function and duty side. Surely you are curious what distinguishes Adobe
Premier with Adobe After Effect. To find out the answer, the following

Side of Function

First we discuss first
in terms of the functions of these two applications. For Adobe premiere, this application is more
emphasizing editing videos along with audio from various sources
combined into one new video. Whereas in the Adobe After effect, a video composition application can
Add visual effects to video sources so you can make one video
new with the addition of new visual effects.

Side Tools

For this part, actually
divided into several parts, to see the following review.

First is from the side
the timeline section. In the backround video editing application, it certainly has a "kitchen"
which is used to process various kinds of videos. We call the "kitchen"
with the timeline. Both Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effect have
the same timeline.

The difference is, in Adobe Premiere
the panel in the timeline has more detail than Adobe After
Effect. In Adobe Premiere, penel section
editing can be used for video manipulation, audio editing,
addition of words, even editing of the transition section.

Switch to the editing section,
both Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effect have enough differences
jomplang. Just as in the timeline, the editing system at Adobe
Premier has many tools. Both in terms of video editing and
audio. For those of you who like to manipulate a video or audio, you
will be very spoiled with very complete tools from Adobe Premiere.

Whereas in Adobe After Effect,
fewer editing tools. Plus, on Adobe editing tools
After Effect, it needs to be studied more deeply. Because, the tools used
has more complex complexity than Adobe Premiere.

Considering Adobe Premiere
can also handle audio editing, so it's very clear that Adobe
Premiere is far more detailed about the audio mixer compared to Adobe After
Effect. Plus, at Adobe premiere, there is a plugin
is a standard plugin in the VST3 industry. That certainly makes you
who want to be creative from the audio and video side easier.

In the video editing application,
there is a popular term used, namely Rendering. Rendering itself
is a process from video editing files to an ordinary video
we watch. Both Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effect use GPU
to be able to run on a computer or laptop. However, in terms of rendering,
Adobe Premiere has a better level of acceleration. Whereas at
Adobe Effect, the acceleration rate when rendering is a little slower.

Both Adobe Premiere and
Adobe After Effect has different media management. Like that already
mentioned earlier that Adobe Premiere has more tools
compared to Adobe After Effect. So cheats, in terms of placement of tools
it's easier and we will quickly remember where the tools we will be

Results Side

Both Adobe Premier and Adobe
After Effect will produce a video on the final result. However,
the final result of the two has a difference. In Adobe Premier, you will
get a combination of various videos with audio additions that can be interesting
attention. Generally Adobe Premier is used by Youtubers in making
the content is on Youtube.

Whereas in Adobe After
Effect, you can see the results in a film that uses
3-dimensional effects and animations that use wider effects.

That's the difference between Adobe
Premiere and Adobe After Effect that need to be known. If we see reviews
above, as if Adobe Premier had more advantages
compared to Adobe After Effect. However, you need to remember again
that is an excess
and Adobe Premiere's shortcomings still exist. This also applies to excess
and the shortcomings of Adobe After Effect . Both applications are still entered
into all kinds of things
multimedia software which will be very useful if we learn
both of them.


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