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This is the Cause of the Nyetrum PC Casing and How to Overcome It

Have you ever felt shock
because it was touched on the CPU part? Such cases occur quite often in
the computer uses the CPU as its center. This is certainly very
endanger users, especially if there are small children at home, the more dangerous
if he plays around a computer that is on.

Surely you are very
wondering why we can get shocked just because it's touched on the part of the noise?
To find out the answer, here are some reasons.

  • Leaks
    in Power Supply

As we know that to run various kinds
computer it must be connected to a power supply. 1945912 Function
power supply is to provide
electrical resources in computer component parts. With the power supply,
AC power is converted to DC current

Well, because the motherboard is directly connected to power
the supply is too large, so it causes a leak
As a result, electrical power also flows into the CPU section.

  • System
    Bad grounding

Basically when an electronic device is installed, maak
each cable has its own grounding system. This grounding system is a system
to drain excess electricity so that there is no effect
shock to the user. However, the grounding system on the computer is on
Indonesia often underestimated this matter.

Partitioning systems on computers in Indonesia in part
big still don't pay too much attention to safety. As a result we can see
computer cables are always left milling about on the floor. Even though things
this is very dangerous because the cable is very likely to be stepped on or flowed
electricity can spread to the floor.

Therefore, to prevent electrocution from happening
touched here are some ways you can do it.

  1. Use
    carpet on a computer room

When you first store a computer in the room,
make sure the room uses carpet. Besides preventing the floor
not wet, this method can also be a CPU damper. So, when
the computer is turned on, the electrical current on the CPU body will be streamed on
carpet. That way, the CPU will not feel any electrical power.

If the computer room does not use carpet, then
the next way is to use footwear when using a computer. With
using footwear like sandals, you will be safe from shock because of
bad cable grounding system.

  • Flowing
    electricity to the wall

There are ways that you can choose, namely
electricity to the wall. For the ingredients themselves, prepare
a nail that is approximately 10 to 12 cm long. After that,
also prepare the electric cable for 1 meter.

For how to do it, first peel it first
the end of the cable. After that, tie the end of the cable to the back of the nail. Need
note that the cable is fastened to the back of the nail and not to the
part of the nail. After that, try the CPU casing on the floor
or it can also be on the table so the results can be more maximal. After that,
cable ties and nails were fastened to the bolt power supply or parts
electric computer. Finally, attach nails to the wall or floor.

One of the next effective methods is
replace the power supply. A leaky power supply is certainly very dangerous
the computer and its own users. Because, the leaked power supply included to
in the sign of 1945
computer power supply damaged .

If the power supply
not replaced, some CPU components can be damaged. Therefore, it is better
you buy a new power supply. Before you buy a new power supply,
make sure you know what types
power supply on the computer. Besides that, you can also try tips
choose a good power supply for PC Gaming . Because, PC gaming
using a variety of high components which of course the quality is not
no doubt.

  • Pasting
    CPU to wall.

If you feel scared or less brave with points
forge and third, then you can try the fifth method. This method is very
it's easy because it only attaches the CPU to the wall. this is actually
almost similar to the third point. Only, this method does not use
intermediary. In this way, the current flowing on the CPU can be continued
on the wall so that we will not feel electrocuted when touching it.

That is why the PC case shocked and how to deal with it. Need
you realize that when you feel electrocuted when touching a PC, then p
there is something wrong with the PC section. Therefore, you must
take action as soon as possible so things don't cool down.

If you feel uncomfortable with a PC, you can
try switching to the laptop part. nowadays the ability of laptops can even match
the ability of a PC. Plus, laptops are very practical to use. hopefully
this article can provide interesting information for you.


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