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This is the Cause of Laptop Startup Repair on Windows OS

Have you ever turned on your laptop, but what appears is star up windows repair? Don't panic, because your laptop is repairing itself before turning on normally again. Usually this process takes only a few minutes if you wait patiently for him. The following is an explanation of the stretch up repair on your windows laptop.

Start up repair is one of the windows features that allows you to repair a damaged Windows system. This corrupted file causes Windows to not boot normally. Start up repair is a system that is owned by Windows which is a system recovery tool to fix the problem of the cause of loading failure (failed boot). Star up repair can fix problems around damaged or missing system files. Whereas start up repair cannot fix problems about hardware and other personal data. Start up repair will find damage in your windows and fix it automatically. In the process, your laptop will restart several times.

The causes of Laptop Startup Repair include:

a. The existence of a damaged Windows file

Installing Windows on a laptop will produce hundreds or even thousands of files in a laptop. As a user, not all can memorize and identify each file in the Windows installation. Generally, Windows installation is on local disk C. Windows has many versions, starting from Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, until now the latest is Windows 10. Each type of Windows has certain characters. That's why Windows usage or maintenance has certain tricks for each series.

If one of the files in Windows is damaged, then Windows will automatically repair itself by showing a startup repair when you turn on the laptop. At startup, Windows will detect the file itself and fix it.

b. Laptops often die suddenly

The second cause is still related to the first cause. Frequently a laptop dies suddenly will damage certain files in Windows. It could be that the laptop suddenly is in safe mode because of this. But if it is severe, the laptop will enter startup repair. All you have to do is wait until your laptop is back to normal. To overcome this, diligently check the condition of the laptop battery. Don't charge a laptop when the battery is less than 10%. That is one of the habits of the 1945 cause of the laptop being damaged fast . You should start charging your laptop when the battery is approximately 20%. This is one of the ways to avoid the laptop from dying suddenly because it runs out of battery. If it is not possible to charge a laptop, you should turn off your laptop according to the rules. This is also one way to take care of a laptop and maintain the life of a laptop battery properly.

c. Change the location of one or more windows files

Most of the startup windows repair causes are due to damaged files. This file damage causes more than one. One of them is that you accidentally moved the Windows file to another folder. This can happen when you open your windows installation in C and change its place. In addition to changing places, deleting files and duplicating them also causes windows to not function normally.

These are some of the causes of Laptop Startup Repair. Taking good care of a laptop is one way to maintain the original Windows installation files from the start. If your Windows has a problem, you can reset the Windows settings. In addition, you can also uninstall and install Windows on the laptop again.


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