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This Harmony Hub deal gets you the hub and a remote for $55


There was a time when I didn’t own a Harmony Hub. I had three remotes sitting on the ottoman in front of my couch: one to turn on my Yamaha YHT-399 home theater system, another to turn on my LG 65-inch television, and finally a Roku remote to control my Roku 3. One time I tried to explain to my girlfriend how it all worked. It didn’t go well.

But then I wizened up and bought the Harmony Hub package you see at the top of this article. Now I have one remote that does everything, access to a sweet Android app, and integration with Google Assistant. It’s so much better!

But you know what? I paid over $100 for the exact same package listed in today’s deal, and you’re going to pay only $55. Lucky you.

Granted, this is an older version of the Harmony Hub and its companion remote. The newer version — which you can buy here for $120 — has a redesigned remote interface and…well…that’s about it. There’s literally nothing wrong with the $55 package on sale right now.

As I mentioned, the Harmony Hub links with Google Assistant, which means you can issue voice commands to your entertainment system and set up routines. I actually have a routine where I say, “Hey Google, let’s watch a movie,” and the Harmony Hub turns on my Yamaha stereo, turns on the TV, switches to the correct input, and then fires up Plex on my Roku.

All without even touching the remote. It’s glorious.

Anyway, you’d be crazy to pass up this deal. Click below to get yours.


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