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These are the 7 Characteristics of Damaged Bios that Make a Laptop Often Hang

Computers and laptops are currently two devices
quite widely used by many groups. Starting from among children
until adults get used to using one electronic device
this. this can happen because in this day and age, computers have already been installed
become a tool that is needed in almost all fields. Just say education,
government, office, trade, and many more.

Therefore, the existence of a computer is needed by some parties. However, in some cases, this one electronic item often makes users confused. For example, the damage to computer components that occurred on a computer or laptop. even the things that make some people confused are the BIOS damage.

For some people, they may still be confused with
BIOS. Even some people still don't understand the difference
operating system and BIOS . Basically, the BIOS is a program
regulate various functions that exist in the hardware of a computer
or laptop. the next difference is from its location. Operating system
located on the hard drive, while the BIOS is on ROM or CMOS.

Well, to understand what the damage is in the BIOS, following the review.

  • Screen blank when the computer is turned on

The first feature is easy to know is the screen blanks when computer or laptop turned on. For computers
try to check first whether the CPU and screen connecting cables are already
true or false. if no significant problems are found in the cable section, then
the problem can occur in the CPU or BIOS.

Whereas on laptops, this is certainly certain that there is a serious problem with the computer components . Therefore, to overcome this problem, you have to disassemble the CPU so that you can see it more clearly.

  • Keyboard not detected

The second feature is the keyboard that cannot
works fine. Maybe at first you felt there was a problem with the part
the keyboard. If you think so, try changing the old keyboard with
new or used ones but function properly. If using
the old keyboard still doesn't work too, so try using the keyboard
on your friend's computer as a trial. If your friends don't have a problem
which means that you can be sure the problem is with the CPU, especially at
BIOS section. This also applies to laptops.

When a computer or laptop is turned on, something happens
is the emergence of a blue screen. If this happens to the computer and
your laptop, then you can be sure there are quite a lot of problems in the BIOS section
computer or laptop. it is indeed very easy to know
the signs are

One of the causes of computers being unable to enter BIOS was failed to boot. The boot process itself is very important in computers and laptops. The boot process itself is quite time consuming so that each of the computer components can be ready for use by the user. Therefore, this is also one of the easiest features if there is damage to the BIOS section.

  • No
    there is noise in the speaker section

One characteristic of other BIOS damage is the part
the speaker on the computer or laptop does not work. This kind of thing is easy for
tracked. For example, on a laptop, when the laptop speakers do not work, then
try using a headset, external speakers, headphones, or hearing aids
others. If the sound comes out on the headset, external speakers, or
headphones, it could be damage to the speaker inside the laptop
or in the BIOS section. This also applies to computers.

  • CD / CVD
    not detected on CD ROM

If your computer or laptop has a CD Rom, and try it
run a CD or DVD but it is not detected, it could be a problem
what happens to the CD ROM or the computer or laptop BIOS section. for
this one chance the BIOS damage is still a question mark. Because, you can
so keruskaan isn't just in the BIOS section, but it can be on a CD-ROM,
especially the optical lens or CD / DVD itself.

  • Laptop
    or the computer is totally dead

If the BIOS damage to the computer is too severe,
then the consequence is that the laptop or computer will
totally dead. Damage to the BIOS is also one of the causes
laptop is totally dead . If it's like this you should try to fix it
itself or brought to the service location for further treatment.

We can see that BIOS damage affected computer functions [1945955]. But you don't need to worry too much. Because, such damages are still fairly reasonable and can be corrected. It's just that later you have to choose the BIOS types that you can use later on computers or laptops. Hopefully it can enlighten you and all of us.


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