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These are the 7 Best HP Processors for Games, Must Be Embedded in Your Cellphone

Mobile now
experienced many changes. Mobile phones that were originally only used as a tool
wireless communication, now evolved into a tool to fulfill
various human needs. Starting from just communication to entertainment.

Conscious or not. Mobile
which has now turned into a smartphone has replaced almost everything
alt-electronic devices. For example if you want to listen to a song, enough
use a smarthphone. If you want to watch a movie, you don't need to use it
VCD or DVD. Even to write a document that is usually on a computer
now it can only be done via a smartphone.

So is the game,
now there are many smartphones that can play games starting from the ones
mild to severe. There are even smartphones that are made specifically for
playing games. It's just that from the price side it's not cheap. Well, for you
have a limited budget, actually you don't have to force yourself
to buy a special smartphone game. Just look at the smartphone processor
used. To find out more, the following 7 smartphone processors
good for playing games.

1. Snapdragon

In the first place is
Snapdragon processor. This processor is one of many processors
used by various types of smartphones. Starting from the bottom to the class
for ever using this one chipset. The advantages of this processor
among others, providing good performance on smartphones, economical power consumption,
graphics support as high as possible, and can support 4G connections. Because of
that, this processor is included in the chipset
which is suitable for PUBG .

2. Mediatek

The closest rival of
Snapdragon is Mediatek. Mediatek or can also be abbreviated as MTK
is one of the most widely used Android processors on the market. Especially
for middle-class smartphones, you will find it easy. The main advantages
from this processor it supports graphics that are quite good and improve
smartphone performance, therefore, Mediatek becomes one of the processors
suitable in playing games on smartphones. It's just, enough weakness
troublesome of this processor is the use of batteries that are quite wasteful.

3. Exynos

Next is the Processor
Exynos. This one processor is a processor made by Samsung. Because
This processor is made by Samsung, so this processor is only specifically for
Samsung smartphone only. This processor is used on class smartphones
just above. Sequence
The highest Exynos processor currently held by the Exynos 9820 can also be called a processor
highest on Exynos. The advantage of this processor is that it can
supports gamma-games that have HD graphics quality without lagging. Plus
again, this processor also saves battery.

4. Nvidia Tegra

Nvidia did not want to be outdone by creating a processor for smartphones. Nvidia, who is famous as the maker of VGA cards, also enlivened the competition in terms of the best processors. Nvidia makes a processor called Nvidia Tegra. Like the VGA type for other gamers, this processor is suitable for game lovers who want HD quality games. It's just that, this processor is quite wasteful in using the battery.

5. Intel Atom X3

Who would have thought if Intel too
producing processors for smartphones. Intel produces processors
called the Intel Atom X3 or can be called soFIA. This processor is claimed to be able
provides convenience for gamers to play games. Other than that,
other advantages are saving power and not heat up even though you
play a fairly heavy game. Smartphones that use this processor
among others, Axioo Picophone, Lenovo, Acer Iconia, Asus Zenfone, and also
Samsung Galaxy Tab.


The next processor is
OMAP. OMAP is one processor that is rarely heard by some
circles. Although not as famous as Snapdragon or Mediatek, however
This processor has five versions that are said to exceed the processor
others, especially in maximizing graphics. OMAP stands for
from Open Media Application Platform and developed by Texas Instrument. Some
smartphones that use this processor are Blackberry Q10, smartphones
Lenovo, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and Motorola Droid

7. PXA

The next processor is
PXA. As with OMAP, PXA is a foreign Processor
our ears. This is caused
This processor is rarely used on smartphones sold in Indonesia. Although
so, this processor has been created up to eight versions. This PXA processor
made by a company called Marvell. Some smartphones are
using this processor is a smartphone made by Coolpad, Motorola Moto, Samsung
Galaxy Tab, and HTC.

Even though processors influence smartphone performance, it is still good whether a smartphone depends on the user. Learn how to extend the life of an Android battery so that the smartphone you use is durable and can be used as long as possible.


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