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These are the 4 reasons Whatsapp can't video call on Android

Current instant messaging application
This has become one of the mandatory applications in smartphones. One of
Instant messaging application that is popular in Indonesia itself is Whatsapp. Application
This has many advantages that make it immediately in demand by
Indonesian society, one of its superior features is the video call.

But in some cases,
video calls on whatsapp sometimes can't be done. To find out what
of course the cause of whatsapp can not make video calls, following his review.

1. Whatsapp is not granted permission to access the camera and mic

You need to know that
to be able to run the smartphone application function, you must do the permission
on the application so that it can be accessed easily. This also applies
on Whatsapp. When you want to try video calls, make sure the camera and micropone
has been given permission.

If the camera and mic are not
given permission, then video calls cannot be made. To be able to arrange
app permissions, enter the settings or settings on Android. Need
note if every Android has its own system setting. After entering
to the settings or settings, then enter the application and search
Whatsapp application. If you have found it, just press then you will go to
in the Whatsapp application settings. There, all you have to do is press the "Permissions" button
Applications "then you will find many kinds of permissions that must be
turned on. Please swipe right on the "Camera" and "Microphone" or
until the button changes color. If so, then you have allowed Whatsapp
to make a Video Call.

2. The Whatsapp application has never been updated

Update on an application
needs to be done so that the application gets good updates from the side
bug fixes or errors or the addition of certain features. Beitu too
with this Whatsapp application. If the video call feature cannot be made,
it could be that the Whatsapp application is never updated periodically.

Try checking out the application
Whatsapp on the Play Store and select the "My apps and games" section. There you are
can find any application or game to do
renewal. If you find Whatsapp in the list of applications you need
renewed, do an update immediately. The trick is to press the "update" button,
the Whatsapp application will automatically be updated. However, please note
in updating an application, i.e. the internet network must be stable and
internet quota is enough if you use quota. After Whatsapp already
updated, please try the application and make a video call.

3. Internet network problems

Instant messaging applications are very
is different from ordinary messaging applications such as high school or telephone because of the system
the network used in instant messaging is using the internet network.
Therefore, the internet network is very influential on messaging applications
instant like this Whatsapp. if previously you could not do video
call using try to check the internet competition on your smartphone.

To find out the network
Internet smartphone has a problem or not is to check the symbol directly
on the side of the network bar icon. If the internet network is active, it usually will
The network based icon appears
used. For example, if the network used is 4G, then in a manner
automatically the symbol that will appear is "4G". Likewise with the network
others such as "H", "H +", etc.

If the symbol is like that
already mentioned above does not appear, then we can be sure the internet on a smartphone
not active. For this section there are two possibilities. First the network
Your internet has problems in the area. Second, the possibility of your smartphone
have problems. All three of your sim cards have problems.

To overcome this
quite complicated because you have to check one by one until you find a problem
the main. However, this problem can be a little known if you have
internet network using Wifi. If smartphoned when using the network
the internet uses Wifi, so the problem is with that network operator
used. try replacing the old operator SIM card with a new one and please
try again.

4. Your account has been blocked

The last possible one is
can happen is your account has been blocked. As is well known if
Whatsapp can be registered using two ways, namely using numbers
Google-based telephone and email accounts. Therefore, just say the number
Your phone has been blocked because its active period has expired, but you have remained
can contact other numbers because your account is still active. However,
will be different if your Google account has been blocked, you won't be able to
make a call to any number. The only way to overcome this
is changing phone numbers and Google accounts. Please learn ways
register new Whatsapp and ways
opening Whatsapp which was blocked by friends from various sources.

That is the reason Whatsapp cannot Video Call on Android. You can also read Whatsapp hidden features which are rarely known by some people. Hopefully this article is useful.


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