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The USB Code For Linux 5.2 Sent In With NVIDIA Contributions & More


Greg Kroah-Hartman sent in the USB updates on Wednesday for the Linux 5.2 kernel.

Highlights of the USB changes for this next kernel include:

– The NVIDIA AltMode driver as the newest open-source contribution from the green giant… This driver is for enabling VirtualLink devices when paired with the newest (currently Turing-based) graphics cards sporting USB-C connectors and intended to be used with next-generation VR headsets. There were also related contributions by NVIDIA developers around allowing firmware flashing support with the “CCG” Cypress code they are using as their controller.

– A separate contribution from NVIDIA is Tegra186 USB PHY support in the mainline kernel.

– Intel developers meanwhile worked on DisplayPort alternate mode support for the UCSI Type-C code so that a driver can be bound to DP alt mode adapter devices.

– A new “SERDES” driver for TI AM654x SoC hardware along with Qualcomm MSM8998 PHY support being another new chip supported.

– Immediate Data Transfer support for the XHCI code. “Immediate data transfers (IDT) allow the HCD to copy small chunks of data (up to 8bytes) directly into its output transfer TRBs. This avoids the somewhat expensive DMA mappings that are performed by default on most URBs submissions.”

More details on the USB/PHY changes for the Linux 5.2 kernel via this pull request, which is already in mainline Linux Git.


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