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The Rise of the Mobile Gaming Industry

It wasn’t that long ago that mobile gaming was incomparable to the gaming experience of a desktop. Many online casinos didn’t even have a mobile version, and mobile devices didn’t support many video slot games. However, recent technological advances have enabled the meteoric rise of mobile gambling. The ancient pastime has evolved from land-based casinos and adult arcade centres to digital, web-based casinos.

Nowadays, the majority of users at online casinos prefer to instantly play on their smartphones and tablets rather than on a desktop.

Benefits of Mobile Gaming


There is virtually no difference between gambling on mobile as opposed to desktop. Every reputable online casino in Canada has a mobile version which offers the same experience as the desktop version. The vast majority of video slots and digital casino table games have been optimised to work perfectly on any mobile platform, a fact that inspired many online gamers to switch to mobile. Due to the growing demand for mobile gambling in Canada, sites which review the mobile functionalities of online casinos became extremely popular lately, and that certainly comes as no surprise.

There are many advantages to mobile gaming, including:

  • Accessibility and convenience: Unlike a desktop, your smartphone accompanies you wherever you go, and with fast network speeds and large data packages, smartphone users can gamble anywhere. This also enables mobile gamers to take advantage of promotions and specials which are only available periodically and will expire before they get home. The convenience of being able to gamble while riding the bus or waiting in line at a grocery store is something that no desktop can provide.
  • Bonuses: Mobile casinos attempt to drive up mobile traffic by offering exclusive bonuses to mobile users which are uniquely structured to benefit only mobile gamers.
  • Complete Privacy: Some may consider the size of a mobile screen to be a However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Most casino games don’t require a full-size screen and the graphic display is perfectly compatible with mobiles. In addition, many online gamers prefer to do so privately and it’s far easier to achieve this when playing on a mobile rather than a desktop.

Software and Devices

Modern smartphones are essentially mini-computers and are ideal for virtual gambling. iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry utilise complete operating systems, which provide HD graphic displays and are capable of running quality applications such as Java.

The software, known as HTML5, was instrumental in the development of the mobile gaming market. This software enables videos and games to be streamed in a web browser, and is perfectly compatible with mobile browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Software developers are also focusing heavily on creating sophisticated mobile casino apps which provide a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Leading game developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Evolution Gaming are currently working to create the next generation of mobile gaming and have recently produced games exclusively for mobile.

Conclusion: Market Projections

Recent studies have suggested that the mobile gaming market will continue to grow over the next few years. Technavio, a leading UK based market research company, have forecast that the market will have grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43.08% by 2019. This will be facilitated by technological advancements and the loosening of government restrictions.

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