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The Right Way to Deal with Toddlers Affected by Diabetes

In my previous article reviewing some of the symptoms that we must be aware of when the child starts showing some strange and abnormal behavior than usual. We as people who are closest to the patient must first respond from anyone.

Because if handled quickly the possibility of this disease can still be suppressed. However, there are some statements that say that this disease cannot be cured. Can only be suppressed for a while.

If you have done various kinds of processes a series of blood tests or examinations. The child was convicted of suffering from diabetes. Then there are some important points that you must do. The most important thing is to make sure whatever they do is something that is indeed allowed by the doctor.

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Common Causes Why Children Can Affect Diabetes

Maybe some of these blog readers are confused. How come why should my child, who is still very young, have been affected by diabetes. Isn't this disease generally suffered by adults only.

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 Many adults are affected by this disease. Because consumption and poor lifestyle are more dominantly done by adults than toddlers whose lives are still considered even to the daily diet. All the facts above will be disproved. Because this diabetes can affect anyone. At any time regardless of age. Even toddlers can get this disease. </p>
<p> Besides general factors there are also genetic factors that cause someone g affected by this malignant disease. Maybe you have a grandmother from your father or mother who has this disease but from your father or mother you don't have this disease. This disease will only appear in the third generation. </p>
<p> In addition to genetic factors, it is clear that consumption of food and a pattern of life that is bad can affect us can be attacked by this disease. Psychological factors also allow a person to increase their blood sugar numbers. </p>
 Things to do if a toddler is affected by diabetes. </h2>
<p>If cyanak is positive for diabetes, then be quick to do a number of things. There are so many kinds of diabetes. The most famous is Type 1 diabetes. In medical terms this is called IDDM 1. Which means that in the pancreas the body is unable to produce the hormone insulin which normally occurs in other normal people. </p>
<p> Sugar levels in the body cannot be translated properly by hormone. As a result, sugar levels soar. The only thing that can be done is to enter insulin into the body. This insulin functions as one of the items that functions to control the level of sugar contained in the blood. </p>
<p> Obviously in infants affected by this. Must swallow the bitter reality that they will get an injection of insulin throughout his life. For us, parents must be patient. Because if we as a family are down then who else can strengthen the child? </p>
 How to Properly Deal with Toddlers Affected by Diabetes </h2>
 1. Avoid Sweet Food (Sweet Food Diet) </h3>
<p>Diabetes sufferers are very unpredictable about the fluctuations in the development of sugar levels in the blood. Sometimes it can touch a normal or stable number, sometimes it can also jump very high. Or maybe it can go down very low. </p>
<p> If the sugar level is in a low number. You could say toddlers are free to eat any food. Actually this is an unfavorable condition. In conditions of low blood sugar. Sibalita body will experience weakness. </p>
<p> Because of it as much as possible do not wait. If it requires preparing food in the middle of the night, get ready. For people with diabetes, in terms of food, it is clearly not allowed to be confused. No one should pay attention. </p>
<p> For food you can allocate 1400 calories per day. All of that includes rice and various kinds of side dishes. Also avoid eating fruits that contain lots of sugar. For example: longan, mango and grapes. </p>
<p> Because children are still in growth, they may drink milk. For sweeteners, please use diet sugar. </p>
 2. Do Small Sports and Set a Healthy Lifestyle. </h3>
<p>A healthy lifestyle is the most important factor to suppress blood sugar numbers to rise rapidly. Actually, Type 1 diabetes is a lot happening especially in Indonesia. Although it is uncertain about national statistics for calculating this disease. It is estimated that nearly 10% of all diabetics suffer from this type 1. </p>
<p> There are various factors that can cause it because food, can be caused by a virus, can also occur due to other factors such as the environment and the psychological. For some cases of type 1, several theories have been carried out for prevention but there are no clear or definite results. </p>
<p> This diabetes if not treated immediately will cause other complications. Control of blood sugar is very important. Keep food and manage your lifestyle as healthy as possible. And make sure that your insulin needs are met 24 hours. </p>
<p> Also do exercise every day so the body can be trained to stay fit, and prevent weakness throughout the day. Do other positive activities to avoid psychological things that can add to the stress of the toddler. </p>
 3. Learning to inject insulin. </h3>
<p>The main cause of this diabetes is because sipasien cannot produce insulin hormones like other normal people. Actions taken at the time of seeing a doctor or if being treated in a hospital is by injecting the hormone insulin. It is not possible for us as a family to get insulin every day in a doctor or hospital. This method of injecting insulin must also be carried out by both parents of patients or other experts. </p>
<p> You also have to be able to learn by longing the blood sugar levels first. Take it slightly at the fingertips. then after injecting insulin according to the required dose. Perform continuous consultation with your doctor.</p>
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