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The place resides in the world-famous ghost ghost

The place resides in the world-famous ghost ghost. Do you believe that the Queen Mary's luxurious London White Tower tower and the alcatraz prison are inhabited by spirited creatures that roam? From the following stories you will probably be convinced that the world's famous buildings are haunted.

Human civilizations in the past often leave traces. Both in the form of building artefacts and other historical records. But the relics are not only material in nature often leave a trail of his soul spirit that seemed to haunt the former place where they lived. And they are among us roaming

Queen Mary luxury ship full of curious spirits

This luxury yacht has sailed the North Atlantic Ocean for 7 Decades. In the course of the Queen Mary is no longer a witness and part of history itself, especially in the second world war. Surely not something strange if the ghosts who came from decades ago inhabit every niche and kabinya. Now the ship has become a museum that every keel and anchor has been strongly grounded to the floor. Although hundreds of visitors enter the ship's body every day the ghosts inhabiting him are not eager to move anywhere. According to one person who remains the most haunted visitor of Queen Mary remains accessible to visitors is near door 13 in the engine room.

Here a 17-year-old boy was pinched and crushed by machine tools while trying to escape from a fire that never happened. The young man who lied about his age to get a job on the ship died but his spirits are still often seen in the area. Sometimes the spirits that make the hairs of Cills go crashing are pounding on the pipe machine loudly as if to tell someone that is trapped in that place. Another time there was a shadow of smoke and fire licking the door of the engine room.

Even though the fire and smoke did not exist a visitor swore that he could feel the heat when touching the door number 13. Another part that often makes visitors cringe is the reception desk which is now part of the Hotel of the ship. Here the spirits are milling about as if they are going to run out of a party. The most frequent appearance is the appearance of a beautiful woman who wore a white dress. She calmly walked across the room until she disappeared into a giant pillar in the center of the room. A pair of male and female shadows are also often seen walking across the Kaulah to one of the main class rooms on the ship. Locations that you may need to visit if you want to watch the daily activities of the ghosts are the number two engine room.

The Queen Mary's cooking triumphed many dark passengers hiding in this place. Countless black passengers who died each time the engine fire flashed while the ship left the dock. And now every time the visitor enters the room a desperate feeling of despair often feels pressed at the top of the check accompanied by faint screams for help when the night has arrived. A passenger cabin has a more sinister story. According to the museum guide on a journey across the Atlantic, a male passenger checked in at the reception desk and asked for the goat. Yes it is well received and the baggage phone is brought to the thanksgiving room. That night he asked one of the stewards to provide a female companion.

After getting what the steward ordered, he drove the woman into the guest room. The next morning both the woman and her order did not appear. They even spent breakfast time. Out of curiosity the steward knocked on your door. Still no answer. Anxious for fear that something bad had happened the steward had finally summoned his boss and asked for permission to break down the door of the room. What they See there is horrible. All the walls and bedding of the goat were red in the blood of the dead calling woman. While the man's guest seemed to have been lost in the sea. There is absolutely no sign that a person has slept and inhabited the room. With their panic checking the guest book on the reception desk strangely no one guest who booked or inhabited the cabin. And when they check the luggage room to search for your belongings it turns out the stuff is not there. Though quite a lot of Queen Mary's officers remembered that the items had been stored in the trunk. So who or what is that mysterious guest?

Tower watch the deceased nobleman ghost

In the lonely 1000 years of the Tower of London as a prison building the British Empire has witnessed many murder of torture and poisoning. It is therefore not surprising that the spirits of those who were victims still inhabit the place until now. The salt tower game of a museum guard awakens from his sleep by hearing strange noises on the roof of the booth where he is sheltering from the rain.

Out of curiosity even though the air is biting cold and the remnants of the rainwater still watering from the darkness of the sky the guard pushes himself to see what is going on. As he looks upwards it appears a shadowless white shadow over his choosing. The guard's mouth was heavy until he finally managed to scream for his friends. As the stranger disappeared into the darkness of the night,

With his two guards the guards then combed and searched through the tower looking for a possible prankster who made a ghost joke in the morning. But their search was in vain because nobody was there. Could it be the ghosts of the grayJane gray whose head was beheaded on February 12, 1554 in a green tower about 200 meters from the salt tower? One of the most famous ghosts of the Tower of London is the ghost of Anne boleyn the second wife of King Heni eight who also carries the punishment of divination in that place.

Anne Boleyn's ghost who carried his head piece always appeared on the night before the death. A sergeant on duty the night before some spy warriors at execution claimed to see Anne boleyn ghosts dressed in silk dresses and white veils pass by near the shooting arena where the prisoners would be executed. Ane also often appeared in the tower of London. One night a guard captain and his subordinates were preparing to leave the tower because their task was over.

But as they passed the ship they realized the appearance of a light from within. The Captain immediately took the stairs and climbed in the window to look inside. It appears that the room of the little ship was overwhelmed by a bluish-white light and a pair of shapes resembling the tudor man and woman clearly visible down the aisle. While Anne Boleyn's help was also present at the end of the altar as if he was leading the ceremony. Suddenly the light faded and the ship was dark again leaving the captain terrified to piss. Not only the ghost of the dead who inhabit the tower of London.

In 1816 a Warrior was standing in front of the Gems when he saw a dark shadow moving on the steps of the building. The soldier approached the shadow. At the same time the moon emerges from behind the cloud giving enough light for the soldier. That's when he saw a big bear throwing at him. Do not panic the soldier putting his payoneer on the bear. In a panic the soldier thrust his bayonet into the bear. But it can only sharply move through the shadow of the bear who then swallowed it. The soldier was found unconscious the next day by the next duty officer. Unfortunately soon after the incident he died for no apparent reason.

Abraham lincoln

The White House located at 1600Phnnsylvania Avenue was made in 1791 to 1800 by architect James Horan. In 1815 the White House had undergone renovation and redevelopment after being burned down by British troops in the war of 1812. The White House has been home to the American president since the time of John Adams's reign. Therefore, the ghost who roamed in the building is not a ghost carelessly. The ghost is none other than the ghost of former president Abraham lincolin himself.

Almost most Americans have come to know that Abraham lincolin is very interested in Arab Psychology and a spiritual summoning ceremony especially a few years before the day of his death. A resident of the White House who is also interested in such ceremonies is Eleanor Roosevelt. Even because too often the calling of the soul of Abe (Abraham lincolin) they are rumored to have become friends between the world. Seriously. Harry truman is another president who is often the victim of a ghost abe freak.

In his diary the day repeatedly writes the strange events that befell his maids such as encounter with a form of shadow that resembles AB one night when Harry is overtime he hears the voice of a walking man pacing behind his bedroom door. But after the door was opened no one behind it. I think it must be a lincolin spirit walking down Harry's aisle to a friend. When a reporter once asked Jacqueline Kennedy about the ghost Abe Iya replied that the ghost had indeed appeared to her several times and I did not mind her being around us.

Son Abraham's ghost lincolin Willy has also been seen during the reign of president Grant and Taft. Wille did die in the building when Fire was still president. People suspect that Abraham Lincoln's soul was silent in the White House because of the trauma he experienced during his reign. But another opinion mentions the ghost of Abe will only emerge when a severe crisis will hit America.

Alcatraz imprisoned tortured soul

Alcatraz as we know from Bollywood film is a prison where the cruelest prophets are locked up. Actually the building facility whose name is taken from the Spanish language Lisa di Los alcatraz (Pelican Island) was built as a fortress to prevent foreign ships entering the waters of San Francisco.

The construction of the giant fortress-shaped building began in 1854. Without taking into account the strong winds the harsh waves of the ocean waves lack the proper water and plants and landing sites to get food supplies and other necessities. The project has swallowed dozens of casualties from workers and guards working there. In 1868 the American army designated alcatraz Island as a special prison for high-profile war criminals and criminals. 1911 is officially known as alcatraz United States is Barack. Since then also dozens of prisoners died from severe torture or briefly died of other suicides Because of the great struggle escaped from the island of hell that countless also how many soldiers and wardens who died while defending themselves from fire attacks trying to escape. Moaning cries of crying and mysterious shouts are often heard in this place.

Similarly Cold Bites that suddenly attacked a pair of blazing eyes and a collection of mysterious warriors still haunted both at the time alcatraz is still fully operational as a prison and now after becoming a place tours. Sometimes a long-smashed tower emerges from a thick cloud of mist accompanied by the sound of Sherina and the beam of large lights sweeping across the Island just as the tower still exists. A warden who had served in 1940 Han told the most recalcitrant prophet was sometimes held in one of 14 cells in Block D one of those cells yes that number 9 is called a hole because there is no window at all and there is only a light that just turn on by an outside warden. 8 in it makes it similar to a hole in the ground as the name implies.

At one point a prisoner was inserted into a pit. Within seconds the Prophet started shouting at the mention of a pair of bright eyes staring at him. The guards who had heard stories about ghosts even laughed at the thought that the prophet was trying to trick them. The night the prophet kept shouting until it was quiet. The next day when the warden examined the cell he found the unfortunate fire had died. A frightened expression was on her face and a sort of scar on her neck. An autopsy examination revealed the strangulation was not possible by the prophet himself. Some accuse the wardens who have committed the murder but after the examination no warden has been proven to do so.

The mystery of the murder is increasing when the day after the tragedy occurs some wardens who do the counting against the number of prophets that found that they are over one person. At the end of the line of fire the warden saw a set of body shapes Sin that fire just died. When everyone who was in the place was transfixed by the fear of ghost body synapt suddenly lost without trace.


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