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The Following Are Steps to Clean a Good and True Electronic Device

How to Clean a Good Electronic Device – In our lives today, electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even laptops are things that we often use every day. Both used for communication needs or for other purposes such as to help us at work. Then, cleaning electronic devices, is it easy?

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Actually, to clean electronic devices is not a difficult thing, but some preparation and certain sequence of steps so that the cleaning process can run smoothly. And the following is complete information for you.

What Should Be Prepared When Cleaning Electronic Devices

As already stated in the previous section that cleaning electronic devices is not a difficult thing, but only requires proper preparation and steps. in the process. Then, what should be prepared before starting to clean the device?

Well, there are a number of things that you must prepare to clean electronic devices, and among them are:

1. Microfiber cloth or fine cloth

The first object that you must prepare first as a tool to clean your electronic device is a microfiber cloth or soft cloth. This cloth will be used to wipe the dirty parts but requires high fineness like the screen.

2. Isoprophyl Alcohol

Then, to get rid of all the electronic devices you have, you can use isoprophyl alcohol as a support fluid so that all the parts you clean are really clean and hygienic.

3. Toothbrush (fiber brush)

You can also add a toothbrush or other small brush and fiber to clean parts such as ports on a laptop or speaker on a laptop.

Steps to Clean the Right Electronic Device

Then , what are the steps for cleaning the correct electronic device?

1. Process Before Cleaning

The first step you must do before you start cleaning is to turn off all the electronic devices that you have. You can also temporarily unplug the battery from the electronic devices. This is so that in the cleaning process, your device is in a dead state so that it is safer and facilitates the cleaning process.

2. Clean Starting from the Outermost Section

The second is always to start cleaning your electronic device from its outermost parts. This outermost part can be the case of a smartphone and tablet or the outer surface of the laptop. You can clean the outer parts of your electronic device using a microfiber cloth or other fabric that has a smooth surface.

3. Cleaning the Screen

Then after that, continue to clean the screen part of your electronic device, for this you can also use a microfiber cloth that has a smooth surface. However, you should have another microfiber cloth that is still clean, not the cloth that you have previously used to clean the outside of your electronic device.

Add to the microfiber cloth Isoprophyl Alcohol. Wet the surface of the fabric until it is sufficient to clean the screen of your electronic device cleanly. And after that, wipe from the right to the left or the circular direction until the surface of the screen becomes cling and clean.

4. Clean the Port or Speaker

After that, the cable port section and also the speakers on your electronic device also need to be cleaned. You will use a small toothbrush or fiber brush that can reach the speaker section. Rub it slowly until the dirt has been lifted.

5. Cleaning the Keyboard, Touchpad or Mouse section

And finally the keyboard, touchpad or mouse. To clean these parts you can use a microfiber cloth or small fiber brush. As long as it has a surface that is not sharp, so as not to damage the surface of your own electronic device.

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Well, that's a few steps to cleaning electronic devices You are right and right. How, easy enough right? Don't forget to always clean your electronic device so that it is clean and protected from germs!

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