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The Exciting Linux 5.4 Changes From exFAT Support To Intel Tiger Lake Graphics


It’s possible this afternoon Linus Torvalds will release Linux 5.4 stable but considering his communications in recent weeks and many changes still flowing in this week, it’s more than likely he will divert and release Linux 5.4-rc8 today and then ship this next stable kernel update on the next Sunday.

Linux 5.4 is likely to ship next Sunday, 24 November, given the pace of changes late in the cycle. Back in September after the closure of the 5.4 merge window we provided our usual Linux 5.4 feature overview based upon our original coverage. For those not recalling all the excitement, here are the highlights of this forthcoming stable kernel:

– Microsoft exFAT file-system driver has been added to staging and continuing to improve for finally supporting this file-system popular with SD cards and other devices.

– AMD Arcturus GPU support.

– Support for Navi 12 and Navi 14 GPUs.

– AMD Dali and Renoir APU support.

– Intel Tiger Lake “Gen 12” graphics support.

– Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC support.

– Intel Ice Lake Thunderbolt support.

– AMD Ryzen 3000 series temperature reporting.

– Better FSCRYPT support.

– Optional case-insensitive file/folder support for F2FS.

– Raspberry Pi SPI performance improvements.

– Logitech Lightspeed receiver support.

– FS-VERITY file authentication support.

– The Linux LOCKDOWN LSM was finally merged.

– A fix for newer games running under Wine/Proton around UMIP spoofing.

More details on these changes and more via our Linux 5.4 feature overview.

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