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The Current State Of Librem 5’s Linux Smartphone Functionality On Their Dev Kits


For those wondering how the Linux smartphone stack is shaping up for Purism’s long-awaited Librem 5 smartphone that is currently aiming to ship in Q3, the company has released several video recordings of different operations running on their Librem 5 software on their developer kits.

Shown in this fresh round of video demos is a 10-second boot-up of the Librem 5 phone start-up on their developer kit, receiving a voice call on the developer kit, the SMS text messaging/chat application, web browsing and video playback, and a devkit to devkit phone call.

Those wanting to check out these latest video demonstrations of the Librem 5 devkit+software in action can do so via this blog post.

Some of the earlier video demonstrations showed the UI/UX being a bit laggy, which is difficult to tell how far they’ve come in that respect as they didn’t show any scrolling in their web browser demo, etc. But we certainly hope they’ll be able to deliver a good experience in time for the phone shipping and assuming it’s not going to be delayed past Q3.

The specs remain firmed up as iMX8M Quad + 32GB eMMC + 5.5~5.7-inch HD display + 802.11abgn + Bluetooth 4 + USB-C but the RAM still appears to be in flux as well as the battery and cameras. The actual phone design not appearing to be complete yet, making us still wonder if they will be able to meet their latest shipping target for this phone. The pre-order price of the Librem 5 remains at $649 USD.


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