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The Characteristics of Algorithms along with the Terms and Properties of Algorithms (Complete)

Have you ever heard of the term algorithm? How are the characteristics of the algorithm? Algorithm is a term derived from an Uzbek scientist who is an expert in the field of mathematics . The scientist named Ja'far Mohammad Ibn Musa Al-khuwairizmi. From here then the word algorithm became popular and was known by many people, especially those who had interests or expertise in the same field.

Now, the word algorithm itself has shifted meaning as a programming language on computers that began in Indonesia. But what does the algorithm actually look like? Here we explain some understanding of the algorithm .

Understanding the Algorithm

  • An algorithm is a systematic and orderly step that is used to solve a problem.
  • The algorithm is a logical step that is function to solve the problem where the solution is arranged systematically.
  • Algorithm is a technique in the preparation and resolution of a problem in the form of short sentences and with a limited number of words, but it is still arranged systematically and logically.

Overall, the algorithm has the meaning of a technique in arranging steps to solve problems systematically and logically.

Characteristics of Algorithms

 Characteristics of Algorithms

Algorithms have their own distinct characteristics that distinguish them with a problem solving technique using another method. We will explain below what the characteristics of the algorithm are.

  • When an algorithm has performed a limited step, it must stop.
  • The algorithm has zero or more inputs.
  • The algorithm must be of the nature effective, meaning that every step made must be simple so that later it can be applied or carried out in a short vulnerable time.
  • Every step that is compiled must be precisely defined and not be interpreted or cause ambiguity.
  • The algorithm has zero or more outputs
  • Algorithms have prefixes and suffixes

Terms or Nature of Algorithms According to E. Knuth

After you understand about the meaning and characteristics of the algorithm, then you must also understand the algorithm's requirements. An algorithm is said to be good based on what was delivered by E. Knuth is when he has fulfilled the following conditions:

  • Finiteness, An algorithm must be completely completed when it has run several steps of the process.
  • Definiteness every step in the algorithm must be precisely defined. Do not use multiple meanings or cause ambiguity. Therefore, the correct step in writing an algorithm is to use computer language.
  • Input each algorithm requires data that will be processed as input or input.
  • Output each algorithm created or compiled later will produce at least one or several outputs.
  • Effectiveness the steps taken in working on the algorithm must be reasonable and should be carried out as effectively as possible. 19659017] Types of Algorithms

     Characteristics of Algorithms and Miscellaneous

    In general, algorithms are divided into 3 based on their basic form, including: branching algorithm, sequential algorithm, and loop algorithm.

    1 Sequential Algorithm

    This first type of algorithm is an order that is arranged systematically or sequentially in which one or more instructions will appear. Each order must be done in sequence and related to the order in which they are written. That is, these instructions will only be carried out when other instructions or previous instructions have been completed.

    As for simple examples such as 'sending a letter'. Later steps will be found as below:

    • Providing envelopes
    • Providing stamps
    • Installing stamps
    • Writing destination and sender address
    • Entering letters to mailboxes and sending them to post offices
    • Mail sent

    2. Branching algorithm

    Branching algorithm is a command used to select one of several options. This algorithm is also called the selection algorithm. There are important things that must be considered when applying this type of algorithm, namely the selection of instructions can be done if the conditions are met. That is, these conditions have produced true values ​​or true .

    If the solution obtained is correct, then the command can be carried out. But on the contrary, if the solution turns out to be wrong then of course the order cannot be carried out. Even so it is likely to run other solutions or even none at all. A simple example is 'applying for a job'. In this case several steps can be made, namely:

    • Creating an application letter
    • Giving the job application letter to HRD or sending it through the post office or email. Depending on the provisions applied at the time of the announcement of the vacancy.
    • Waiting for information regarding whether the application was received or not.
      • If it has been accepted, then the person concerned will immediately work.
      • If not accepted, then the person concerned can apply for another job or not apply for work at all.

    3. Iteration algorithm

    Then what about the iteration algorithm? The looping algorithm is an instruction used to repeat a sequence of instructions. Repetition is done repeatedly in accordance with established requirements.

    Function of Algorithms in Programming

     Characteristics of Algorithms and Their Functions

    Then what functions of algorithms in programming ? Here are some functions of the algorithm associated with programming:

    • Complex problem solving
    • Making the program simpler because many functions will be put together later.
    • Can be used repeatedly because the logic of programming does not experience an update. Even so, the algorithm can keep up with the times.
    • Can tidy up the program that has been produced.
    • Easy to use to find errors.
    • Easy to do documentation

    Thus the information we can convey is related to understanding , conditions, and characteristics of the algorithm. Hope it is useful.


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