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The best Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

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Getting a Samsung Galaxy S10e, or already have one? Like all of today’s phones, it’s a beautiful device but a glass body is also a bit more fragile then legacy materials like plastic. Even though this is the smallest and least expensive member of the Galaxy S10 lineup, you will likely want to protect it from harm against scratches, falls and spills. Here’s a look at the best Samsung Galaxy S10e cases you can currently buy for the phone.

Editor’s note – We will update this post as more Samsung Galaxy S10e cases are released.

Official Leather Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

Leather Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

The official leather Samsung Galaxy S10e  cases are not a joke; these are made of real leather and should give owners of the phones a good grip, while also offering a solid amount of protection. These Samsung Galaxy S10e cases come in black, red, gray, green, navy blue, white and yellow colors and cost $49.99 each.

Official Silicone Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

Silicone Samsung Galaxy S10 cases

As the name suggests, the official silicone Samsung Galaxy S10e cases are made of a soft-touch silicone which offers good protection and grip features. These cases come in black, blue, navy blue, green, pink, white and yellow covers and cost $29.99 each.

Official Rugged Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

Rugged Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

If you want something with a little more protection, the official rugged Samsung Galaxy S10e cases should do the trick. They offer military-grade protection against falls, and also have a built-in kickstand in the back for hands-free video viewing. It’s available in white and blue colors for $34.99.

Official LED and LED Wallet Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

LED Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

These Samsung Galaxy S10e cases let you see LED notifications, like incoming texts, calls, the time and more, on the back cover of your phone. You can even create your own LED notifications for the cases with the built-in icon editor. The LED Wallet cases throw in a slot on the inside front cover to hold a debut or credit cards. The standard LED cases come in white or black colors and are priced at $54.99 and the wallet cases, in black and white colors, are priced at $64.99.

Official S-View Flip Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

S-View Samsung Galaxy S0e cases

These Samsung Galaxy S10e cases let you see and respond to notifications like incoming phone calls, alarms and more even if the case covers the phone’s display, while also offering a solid amount of protection. It comes in black, white, yellow and green colors for $59.99.

Spigen Neo Hybrid case for Samsung Galaxy S10e

Spigen Neo- best Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

Spigen is easily one of the best 3rd party case makers around. The newly redesigned Neo Hybrid takes things up a notch offering a unique waved texture and coming in four unique colors. At $14 it’s pretty affordable, certainly cheaper than what you’ll pay for any of Samsung’s official Galaxy S10e cases.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen - Best Samsung Galaxy S10e cases

The Spigen Liquid Crystal case is the perfect case for showing off your Samsung Galaxy S10e’s beauty. This clear case is designed from flexible TPU, has perfectly fitted cuts for all the ports, and features raised edges that help protect your screen as well. At $12, it’s also super affordable.



Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

Unicorn - best samsung galaxy S10e cases

Looking for a case that can take a beating? The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro could be exactly what you’re looking for. With a rugged scratch-resistant plastic body that’s lined with shock-absording TPU, this case is made with durability in mind. There’s also a built-in screen protector, keeping the front safe too. Other extras include a built-in kickstand and a rotating belt clip holster. At $28, it’s not the cheapest case on this list but for a rugged case, it’s really reasonably priced.



Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

If you want to show off the back of your new phone, consider getting this Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10e case. It’s made of a transparent flexible material that allows the back colors of the phone to be seen in full. However, the TPU case still offers a lot of protection against any drops, bumps, scrapes or scratches that might happen, and it also has an dot matrix pattern inside that’s made to help prevent water and bubble build up. You can get the Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10e case from Amazon for $8.99.

HNHYGETE Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

HNHYGETE Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Here’s another single-layer Samsung Galaxy S10e case from HNHYGETE that has a rather interesting texture on the back. It looks like a couple of folded leather pieces like you might find on a wallet. It might look good next to your leather briefcase. However, this case is actually made of a soft plastic material, with the back texture mainly there for show. You can get the Samsung Galaxy S10e case from HNHYGETE in your choice of black or blue colors via Amazon for $7.81.

Olixar Armor Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Olixar Armor Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Here’s another Galaxy S10e case from Olixar, but this one is from its Armor line of more rugged case designs. It combines an inner flexible TPU material with an outer and harder PC layer that’s designed to help the phone withstand more abuse and higher falls. However, the case is designed to allow for the phone to use wireless charging pads. You can get the Olixar Armor  Galaxy S10e case in three colors (black, blue and gunmetal gray) on Amazon for $19.99.

Olixar Breathable Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Olixar Breathable Samsung Galaxy S10e Case

Are you afraid that your phone might overheat if you put a case on it? Then check out yet another of the Samsung Galaxy S10e cases from Olixar, which is designed to be slim and lightweight. More importantly, the breathable mesh design on the back has been constructed so that the phone’s heat can dissipate quickly, so there should be no fear of overheating. You can get this Galaxy S10e case from Olixar in black, blue, red or rose gold colors on Amazon for $12.99.

Spigen Tough Armor Samsung Galaxy S10e case

Galaxy S10e cases- Spigen Tough Armor

This is yet another Galaxy S10e case from Spigen, this time from its Tough Armor line. It has a pretty flexible, but still quite sturdy, material that is rated MIL-STD 810G-516.6 for military rugged standards, which means this case will keep the phone safe from drops and falls. However, it still allows wireless charging pads to work with the phone even when the case is still on. It also has a built-in kickstand in the back for hands-free video watching. The Spigen Tough Armor Samsung Galaxy S10e case is available on Amazon for $15.99 in black and gunmetal (our favorite), and for $17.99 in graphite gray and rose gold color options.

Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S10e case

Galaxy S10e cases - Otterbox

Otterbox is another well-known maker of rugged cases, and it has made a Galaxy 10e case as well in its Commuter series. The case itself has two layers, an internal slipcover and an exterior shell which should keep the phone quite safe in case it encounters any drops, bumps, or other accidents. The case comes in three color choices. The Otterbox Galaxy S10e case is available on Amazon for $39.

Anccer Samsung Galaxy S10e case

The Anccer Galaxy S10e case is a hard shell case that should protect the phone from getting scratched up in the back, but it’s also very slim and won’t cause a huge bulge when you put the phone in your pants pocket. Best of all, it comes in a large variety of colors; Gravel Black, Gravel Green, Smooth Black, Smooth Red, Smooth Blue and Smooth Rose Gold. The price for this case is $11.99; There is also a clear model of this case that sells for just $9.99.

Again, we will be updating this post as more Samsung Galaxy S10e cases are released. Which one of these cases is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime you can get the Samsung Galaxy S10e from Samsung.com.

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