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The 10+ Most Expensive Applications in the Play Store, Think 2X After You Want to Buy!

Most people look for applications on Play Store because they are more practical and portable. Application seekers usually sort out which applications are most profitable, which is usually assessed from high specifications at low prices. In fact, if you can, the application must be free.

Because currently free quality applications are easy to find, people are reluctant to pay applications. But, did you know that Play Store also has many applications that set extraordinary high prices, whether they are comparable to the quality or not.

The Most Expensive Application on the Play Store

Well, for those of you who are fun and curious, in this article we have summarized the 10 most expensive applications in Playstore for you. Please read and determine whether these applications are worth buying or just a joke.

1. Abu Moo

 Most expensive application on the Play Store

Abu Moo is not the name of an application, but the name of the developer group. Abu Moo has six application collections on Play Store, all of which are the most expensive applications on Play Store, each of which has the same price of Rp.5,500,000.

So what is the specialty of this application? You will surely be amused to know the answer. Abu Moo's application collection is only for rich people who want to waste their money. Each of Abu Moo's collections contains virtual jewelry, namely Ruby, Black Diamond, Emerald, Aquamarine, Sapphire, and Amethyst . Everything is not useful at all other than just to show how rich you are.

2. The Most Expensive App Ever


Worse than the first application, which contains at least a collection of jewelry images, this application sets the same price of Rp.5,500 .000 only for a screen that reads ""

Indeed, there is no purpose whatsoever in making this application other than for men. challenge You will be how wealthy you are. Of course the price pegged is nothing if you are really rich. Do you feel challenged? Please download and purchase the application below.

3. Zollinger's Atlas of Surgical Operations

 Most Expensive Application in the Play Store

This number three application is worth considering if your work is concerned with medicine. As the name implies, Zollinger's Atlas of Surgical Operations is designed for those of you who want to learn how to perform surgical procedures with the most common and certainly safe method to use.

This application includes 230 procedures and contains material regarding indications, preoperative preparation, position, incision and exposure, preparation for surgery, closure and postoperative care. The price of this application in Play Store is Rp. 3,786,305

4. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics


Science is indeed expensive. Maybe it's the right word to describe this application. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics is an application that contains a textbook that contains pediatrics in medicine. But calm down, even though it is expensive, this application is not an illegal application which of course is worth it to be purchased if you want more books portable .

The Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics book is trusted for 75 years as a source of knowledge. It's just that the form of the application is less popular, so the user is still fair.

5. 5-Minutes Sports Medicine


Application that contains a quick and practical guide to dealing with injuries caused by sports activities. Overall, 5-Minutes Sports Medicine has 280 treatment methods, each of which is packaged in a five-minute duration. The reason why this application fixes prices is quite expensive, around 1.3 million, which is because this application was designed by a real doctor. This application is suitable for those of you who want to learn about handling injuries, such as coach athletes, doctors, assistants, and orthopedic experts.

6. Web Security Space Life

 Most Expensive Application on Play Store

Dr.Web Security Space Life is an antivirus application that can provide comprehensive protection from various types of malware threats to your mobile device.

This application will do scanning files and folders on your command or scanning real-time to detect new, hidden viruses, or detect unknown unknown programs using origins tracing technology. After a threat is detected, the application will place the file into quarantine for recovery. This application can be obtained at a price of Rp.890,000

7. Bonney's Gyn Surgery, 11 th Ed


Same as Nelson Textbook, Bonney's Gyn Surgery, 11 th Ed is also an application which contains textbook which contains education in the world of medicine. Surgeons are generally required to continue learning in order to have the ability and mastering techniques that can minimize or reduce the discomfort of patients during surgery.

Now, this book has included various information about reconstructive surgery, anesthesia, information technology and auditing, complications and quality. This application can be obtained at a price of around 1.7 million.

8. The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine

 The Most Expensive Application on the Play Store

Most expensive applications on the Play Store do indeed revolve around medicine. One of them is the application of The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine. Unlike previous medical applications, in this application you will find more than 2000 high-quality clinical collections, morphology, laboratories, and various radiological images that are signs of disorders or diseases that are often found in everyday life. To get this application, you need to buy at a price of around 1.7 million rupiah.

9. The Atlas of Emergency Medicine


Compared to previous medical applications, The Atlas of Emergency Medicine is an application that sets a relatively high price, which is Rp.3,382,480. The application developed by Usatine Media LLC is intended for those who want to learn how to diagnose health problems or problems and perform treatment quickly and efficiently.

Interestingly, this textbook contains not only writing, but also contains more than 1500 supporting images so that information is conveyed more clearly and helps the learning process.

10. G-CORE Korea Green Caddy Golf


Switching from the majority of previous applications in the form of medical applications, this last application is a tool that functions to find Golf reach GPS and comes with full features and graphic display. G-CORE Green Caddy Golf Korea provides a kind of guide for golf players who are the first time trying to play for direct practice on a Korean golf course.

Some features provided include target points, sign positions, driving distance measurements, automatic search, and much more. To get this application, the cost is relatively cheap compared to other applications, which is only Rp.479,000.

Maybe our first summary of the 10 most expensive applications in the Play Store. Actually, there are still a lot of applications in Play Store that have prices similar to the applications above, it's just that most of these applications are only for fun.

So, in this summary, there are only two of the first applications that we describe to represent such applications. Hopefully this article can add information and entertain, of course. Thank you.


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