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The 10 Best Fingerprint Applications for Android Phones, Choose the Best!

Increasingly, the world is growing. The development is no longer linear, but exponential. In the past, new discoveries took place around once a hundred years, now every month even new innovations appear that are more creative than before. If we are insensitive and try to adapt to this development we will be far behind.

And one of the relatively new phenomena is the availability of fingerprin applications for Android devices. In the past most locking systems used PINs or passwords, now there is a much more sophisticated system, which is enough to match the fingers on the screen. Much more practical, right? Therefore, in this article we are interested in distributing 10 fingerprint applications for Android phones.

10 Fingerprint Applications

The applications below not only provide fingerprint locking systems, but also equipped with other alternatives such as PIN and password. Immediately, following the summary.

1. CM Locker

 Fingerprint Application

Want to protect important files on your cellphone? You can trust it in the CM Locker application. This application developed by Cheetah Mobile is one of the fingerprint applications that can guarantee the security of your privacy.

CM Locker can lock the phone screen, photos in the gallery, and contacts on your mobile. If your device does not support the fingerprint feature, this application also provides other alternative security systems, namely with a PIN and pattern. CM Locker also has a variety of interesting themes that you can use as background images.

2. Keepsafe Photo Vault


For this number two application specifically for those of you who want to secure content in your gallery, both photos and videos. This application works like a secret locker that will secure all files in it. So, you need to transfer confidential content to Keepsafe lockers first.

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There are three security systems which can be used and one of them is the fingerprint. And Keepsafe is also equipped with a face-down automatic feature where the application will be locked immediately when you point the device down.

3. AppLock

 Fingerprint Application

AppLock is one of the best fingerprint applications and even becomes the best application locking application on the Play Store. Users who have exceeded 5 million represent how the quality of this application. AppLock allows you to lock all the applications you choose, be it social media applications, SMS, or settings.

AppLock has a safe that serves as a secret place to store your privacy photos and videos. And as information, the fingerprint feature in this application only applies to Android 6.0 and above. However, you can still use the password and pattern features as a security system.

4. Lockit

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Lockit is an application that has a myriad of features to protect your privacy. You can lock various applications using fingerprints, pins, or key patterns. also hide photos and videos, so you don't have to worry anymore when your friend borrows a cellphone and sees your gallery.

Lockit is also accompanied by a fake cover that will disguise the screen to prevent burglary. And don't worry if your friend secretly tries to break into security because You will find out immediately with the intruder selfie feature.

5. FingerSecurity

 Fingerprint Application

From the name it certainly shows the function of this application. FingerSecurity is a special application that provides security using the user's fingerprints. allows you to lock any application you want.

And when you download a new application, FingerSecurity will automatically protects the application. You also don't need to worry if your fingerprint is suddenly unrecognizable, because FingerSecurity also provides alternative passwords or pins to unlock.

6. Smart AppLock


Smart AppLock is a locking application that secures applications with a system of passwords, patterns and prints. With the intruder catch you do not need to worry someone will access your cellphone, you will immediately find out because the phone will automatically take an intruder image which illegally wants to access your privacy.

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Coupled with the existence of Fake Lock, a feature that would deceive intruder by making an application as if it were an error when it was caused by an intruder which entered the wrong key.

7. App Lock by Biometric Solution


No different from previous applications, App Lock by Biometric Solution is also designed to lock applications using patterns, PINs, and fingerprints. With the appearance of a clean and simple interface, it will certainly make your mobile screen comfortable to use.

Another feature of this application is the sound and vibration effects where when you successfully unlock, this application will give a sound signal or vibration. And the size of this application is also relatively small, which is only 2.9MB.

8. Safe Gallery


From the name alone, you might already be able to guess what the function of this application is. Just like its name, Safe Gallery is an application designed to secure content in your gallery, both photos and videos. Just like most applications, Safe Gallery also has three types of locking systems, namely PIN, password, and fingerprint.

This application works by hiding personal files from your gallery, so only people who know the keys can access them.

9. App Lock by Kohinoor App

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App Lock by Kohinoor App is a locking application for all types of applications, both social media, photo galleries and games. works if your device supports the Marshmallow version of the Android fingerprint feature.

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However, if your device doesn't have it, this application provides a fingerprint simulation that can be used for all types of devices, and this App Lock is also equipped with an intruder catch which will capture images of people trying to access your cellphone illegally.

10. Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank

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Well, this last application is the solution for those of you who don't have a cellphone with features. ] fingerprint but want a stylish screen locking application fingerprint . With the Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank application, your friends will think that your cellphone lock screen uses a fingerprint system.

Even though it's not, because if the button is pressed for two seconds, the lock screen will open. But if it is only pressed for less than two seconds, the screen will mark as if the finger is not verified.

Maybe the first 10 applications of the fingerprint in this article. Hopefully this information is useful and helpful. Thank you.


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