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The 10 Best Bitcoin Miner Applications Here!

Making money only with internet and computers is no longer a strange thing to do today. There are many examples of professions that use computers and the internet as capital such as online shops, freelancers, internet cafes, youtuber, and others. this is because they already know how to make money from a google adsense blog.

Even now, some people also often use Android smartphones that are connected to the internet to be able to increase their income. For example, [howtoregisterAdsensehow to increase Twitter followers and how to automatically add Facebook followers . Actually, there are still other ways to get money from the internet, namely by collecting bitcoin.

Bitcoin itself is a form of electronic money that has been introduced since 2009. Bitcoin itself can you exchange the country's currency, for example Rupiah. If you are interested in any application it can be used as a bitcoin mine, along with the reviews.

In the first place there is an application called Free Bitcoin. This application made by Bitcoin Aliens claims that it can give you bitcoin up to 250,000 satoshi every hour. In fact, you can also get up to 1,000,000 satoshi every week. To be able to get 1 BTC (Bitcoin) you must have a ticket.

You can get the ticket yourself by doing an hourly roll. If you roll frequently, then your chance to get a ticket is also very large. After that, your chance to win 1 BTC is also very large.

How to use this Free Bitcoin application is that you have to make
Bitcoin address so that the bitcoin you get will be stored in the "wallet"
you. Later the amount of bitcoin that you get can be exchanged with your eyes

  • Bitcoin IQ Videos Earn BTC

The next application is Bitcoin IQ Video Earn BTC. If you want bitcoin from this application for free, you have to do various tasks given. For example, you must watch the video that has been presented.

Every available video has a different bitcoin value. If you manage to execute all the commands that are submitted, you will get Bitcoin for Free.

Next there is an application called Electroneum. The Electroneum application itself is the first coin miner application that uses a telephone system. When you install this application on an Android smartphone, you must register first.

After registering, you have to do mining to get coins. You can also add more bitcoin by sending a QR code to other people that it can be posted on the website if it has or can be shared through your social media.

This application is not related at all to the online motorcycle taxi application which is quite popular now. The concept of the Grabpoint application is almost the same as the second point, ie you have to complete the task given if you want to get bitcoin. His assignments can range from:

  1. Visiting a site,
  2. Watching videos,
  3. Taking surveys,
  4. Downloading certain applications.

The size of the bitcoin that you get depends on how many tasks you have completed.

visit a site, watch videos, take surveys, even download certain applications. The size of the bitcoin that you get depends on how many tasks you have completed.

The bitmaker application is an adequate bitcoin application
famous. This is because this application will give you bitcoin
every half hour. In addition, you can also get bitcoin with
another way. For example playing games, downloading certain applications, even up
watching certain videos.

The next application is the Claim Free Bitcoin. In this application, you will immediately get a bonus of 500 to 1000 satoshi. Of course, with the conditions, which are downloaded and immediately register at the application. In addition, there are other ways to generate bitcoin by using this application by playing games specifically made for this application.

How to play the game is quite easy, you are given as many opportunities
three times to bring objects that will be displayed on the gift board
provided. Another game is that you have to rotate a wheel that has
bitcoin prize. To play the game, it can only be done 15 minutes
once playing.

Same as some other bitcoin applications, that is, you will get a prize after completing the tasks given. Only, if you install this application, you will get 100 bitcoin. The distribution itself is done every three minutes. Plus, you will get around 1000 satoshi if you play a game provided by BTC Rewards.

The next application is Bitcoin Safari. This application is quite popular
by people with evidence of the continued increase in the number of downloaders
2000 download. The advantage of this application is that you will get Bitcoin up to
400 in every 15 minutes. Plus, you will get a number of prizes
when successfully inviting other people to join download this application.

This one bitcoin application is a little different from other bitcoin applications. If you want to get bitcoin from this application you don't have to play a game or watch a video. Just read a news portal that is currently trending and open your smartphone that has a screen lock attached. This is quite easy right?

This application is not only serving bitcoin, but also provides Ethereum for free. This application has also been downloaded for almost one million downloads. To be able to get Ethereum and bitcoin, you have to do tasks that are given such as playing certain games or watching certain videos.

That's 10 free android bitcoin miner apps, hopefully
this article can benefit all.


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