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Terms of Database You Need to Know (Most Common)

Have you ever wondered how social media, such as facebook instagram and others store so much user data? displaying user information and status? Or more simply, Where is your data stored? The answer is the database. Well, do you know what is a database?

Database or database is a collection of data stored in the computer systematically to produce the required information. The emergence of databases due to information that must be recorded with a very large number. If done manually or using human labor it will take a long time than using a database.

The term database is no stranger to the list of students or people in the world computer . If likened, the database is a large rack in which there are many documents. The document can be compiled based on the number identifying the location of the document or by document category. It will make it easier for you to find the document.

In this article will be explained in detail about the terms commonly used in the database. That way, you are no stranger to hearing the terms table, query, field, insert, select, and primary key. Directly to the discussion below

 terms in the database

In an information system the database becomes one of the essential components for providing user-required information . As explained earlier that the database or commonly known with the database consists of a collection of a lot of data that can be processed or manipulated to produce a required information.

Many companies or other areas of life use the database. That's because the database becomes an effective storage media. In addition, using the database can minimize the existence of data duplication. Data duplication can lead to inconsistencies in the database. For example, employee data may also be in training or other areas. If there are data to be updated eg address, then data in both fields is not the same. That's what causes inconsistencies in the data.

General Terms in the Database

Today, there are many types of databases for processing data. The most commonly used is Relational Database. That way, many terms are known in the database structure. The following will explain some frequently used terms.

 image database

1. Table

Basically, the table consists of columns and rows. It also applies in the database. In a database, a table is a collection of elements using vertical and horizontal column columns. Column is defined as a table structure, the line is said to be content. A column can consist of a number of lines. In the Relational database model, a column is called an attribute, whereas a line is called a tupple. There are several rules in the creation of table structure in the database, including as follows:

  • Naming table uses the word object in accordance with the content to be stored therein
  • Each table in the database should not use the same word in order to avoid redundancy data.
  • Each table in the database must have a unique column that serves as the primary key.
  • Using lower case letters for naming a table in the database

2. Query

For those of you who are in the world of computers may be familiar with the term query. Query can be defined as a set of commands used to process data in the table or database itself. (19459014] Create : Command to create database and create table in database ] Update : command to manipulate data in database

  • Delete : Command to delete data in database
  • 3. Field

    In creating a database, many people mistakenly interpret the field. Fields have different definitions with attributes or fill in the columns in the database. Field itself is a collection of characters contained in an attribute that shows or displays an item, such as noMahasiswa, namaMahasiswa, tanggal_lahir dan jenisKelamin is an example of the field. However, some types of databases incorporate a field with attributes.

    4. Record

    When viewed from a language angle, Record means recording. In the database, Record also called tuple is a collection of elements in the field that are interconnected to provide information about a complete entity. The entity itself is a person, place, event and concept. The sample in the Student table has a set of value data in the form of noMahasiswa, namaMahasiswa, tanggal_lahir dan jenisKelamin

    5. Insert

    Insert means insert. In the database, Insert is one of the commands in SQL which belong to the DML (Data Manipulation Language) to add or insert data into a Table. The general form of the Insert command is as follows:

    INSERT INTO namatabel (column1, column2, column3, …)
    VALUES (value1, value2, value3, …);

    6. Select

    In SQL, the term Select is used as a command to display data tables from a database, either all data or just the data we need to display. In general, the form of the select command is

    SELECT column_name, column_name
    FROM table_name;

    7. Primary Key

    Before creating a database, you must understand the use of key attributes used, one of them Primary Key . As the name implies, Primary Key is a rule to ensure the uniqueness of each row contained in the Table. It is to distinguish one line from another. For example, in the Student table, the primary key used is noMahasiswa. That's because the students can be distinguished by the number given.

    Such is the explanation of common terms that are often heard in the manufacture of databases or databases. That way, you can understand the definition of each of these terms.


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