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“Terminal” App Brings Crostini And Linux Apps One Step Closer To Chrome OS

Developers continue to bring together bits and pieces of the still mysterious Project Crostini and this week we see more detail of what the end-user could see whenever the new feature is made available. Yesterday, Robby shared a sneak-peek as some new UI elements that will bring a Material Design feel to the container tech as well as evidence that Crostini will have access to the Files App on Chromebooks.

In addition to these updates, the Developer channel has recently added a shortcut to the Terminal app we reported on back in late February. This “application” appears to launch what will be the user interface for Crostini.

Clicking the shortcut brings up the Terminal installer and you can even go through the process of activating this feature that has been gaining a lot of buzz in the tech world as of late.

As you can see in the images above, the installation process is actually working but fails to complete because developers have yet to flip the switch is the VM “manager” for the Crostini project.

As developers continue to polish Crostini and add more front-facing elements, I am beginning to change my thoughts on the target of this new function. While it will definitely be of great benefit to developers, I am starting to agree with Robby that Crostini may be evolving into consumer-focused applications. We have a lot more to share about Crostini and expect to see even more advances in the coming days. Stay tuned and follow along as this could be the biggest evolution in the history of Chrome OS.

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