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Symbols in Computer Networks You Need to Know

Symbols on Computer Networks You Need to Know – Studying network diagrams or network topology is very important. This is one that we must master if we want to know the character of a computer network.

Well, usually in network diagrams we often see symbols drawn. These symbols usually describe the type of device used and also the type of transmission media used on the network.

The symbols on this network diagram are made with the aim that we all can easily find out what devices are used on the network. Therefore, each device must already have their respective symbols to be easily understood. Following are some of the symbols used to describe network devices on a network diagram.

1. Router Symbols

 Symbols on Computer Networks You Need to Know

A tube image with 4 arrows inside is a symbol of a router, which is a device that functions to connect two different networks. If we look at the arrows, we will see that there are two arrows that point in the circle and the other two aim outside the circle.

The determination of the four arrows is not without reason. Two arrows pointing inward now describe the data flow originating outside the router or some network segment, then the data flow router is forwarded to another network segment that is different from the incoming data source (symbolized by two arrows exiting the circle). So, this symbol already represents the main function of a router.

2. Switch Symbols

 Symbols on Computer Networks You Need to Know

Switches are symbolized by a square box that has 4 parallel arrows, with two pairs of arrows that have opposite directions. The four arrows symbolize that the data flow through each port on a switch will not be with the other and will not collide between streams on different ports. Because the switch only works on LAN networks, the basic form of the switch symbol is distinguished from the router, which is only in the form of a square box.

3. HUB Symbols

 Symbols on Computer Networks You Need to Know

HUB symbols and switches are actually almost the same, but the number of arrows distinguishes these two symbols. And this further emphasizes that HUB is different from a switch. In the Hub symbol, it only has one arrow. Which arrows symbolize that the hub flows data only through one stream, so there is a possibility the data flowed by this Hub will experience a collision with other data. The hub symbol is represented by a square box because it only works on LAN networks, just like a switch.

4. Firewall Symbols

 Symbols on Computer Networks You Need to Know

Some network diagrams depict firewalls with symbol walls composed of fiery bricks, but there are also those that describe them only walls don't use fire. But that doesn't matter, because the two are the same. A firewall is a security system on a network that in practice can be either software or hardware. So the picture of the wall on this firewall symbol symbolizes a filter or barrier for each data to be streamed.

5. Connecting Symbols

Usually we get the symbols in the network diagram interconnected by a connecting line. This connecting line symbolizes physical connections which are generally in the form of cables that connect devices to each other.

6. Wireless Symbols

 Symbols on Computer Networks You Need to Know

Wireless connections are usually symbolized by electromagnetic signals.

7. Internet Symbols

 Symbols on Computer Networks You Need to Know

On network diagrams, the internet is always symbolized by a cloud image or often called "cloud". Why is that? Because the clouds can be found anywhere and anytime. And also the cloud in one place can be connected to the cloud in another place. So, it is enough to symbolize an internet, which we can access from anywhere to be connected with anyone and wherever they are.

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