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Surrounded by inspiration, Appalachian alumnus keeps applications running at IBM

BOONE, N.C. — As a site reliability engineer at IBM, Appalachian State University alumnus Chris Waldon’s favorite aspect of his job is working with great people who inspire him. “I’m surrounded by brilliant software engineers, and I get to learn from them daily,” he said.

It is not surprising that Waldon ’16 ’18 still has a thirst for learning. He graduated summa cum laude from Appalachian with a Bachelor of Science in computer science in 2016, was an Honors College student as well as a Chancellor’s Scholar, and earned his Master of Science in computer science in 2018.

“The Honors College helped me develop and improve my soft skills … It taught me to think critically about everything, not just in my field of study.”

Chris Waldon ’16 ’18, a site reliability engineer at IBM

While a graduate student, Waldon ran computer systems labs, teaching students to use the Linux operating system, and served as a faculty lecturer in Appalachian’s Department of Computer Science (CS) after graduating.

“Teaching the fundamentals helped me appreciate them. Additionally, the experience helped me become comfortable in front of an audience,” he said.

In his position at IBM, Waldon manages several business-critical applications that are used by software development teams across all of IBM to build and deliver their products and services. He credits the Honors College at Appalachian for providing skills he uses every day in his job.

“It (the Honors College) helped me develop and improve my soft skills — communication, interacting with others, time management and work ethic. It taught me to think critically about everything, not just in my field of study,” Waldon said.

Waldon also praised Appalachian’s computer science program. “The CS faculty deliver more value than simply course content. They really care about their students — they know the students’ names, are interested in their lives and help them work towards their goals. The faculty invested a ton of time and energy into me while I was there,” Waldon shared.

“Dr. Dee Parks (now retired), who taught my first-ever computer science class, was very patient with me. Later, during my undergraduate time, she helped me get started as a tutor for other CS students,” Waldon said. “Professor Frank Barry, who taught me some of the most difficult material in the field, helped me learn the skills I value most from my degree.”

Outside of class, Waldon started Linux[email protected], a club for students interested in using the Linux operating system — an alternative to macOS or Windows. “You can do a lot with Linux that isn’t possible on other systems,” Waldon explained. “Since most of the internet and all of the systems I use at IBM run on Linux, learning and teaching about it at Appalachian helped me develop the practical skill I now use daily.”

Waldon completed several internships, including two with IBM in Research Triangle Park and one with local web development company Overmountain Studios in Boone.

“I was also able to participate in two study abroad experiences: one in Dublin, Ireland, through my Chancellor’s Scholarship, and one in France, Belgium and Germany.”

Waldon said the Chancellor’s Scholarship made a huge difference in his path through college. “I was surrounded by some of the best and brightest people whom I have ever met, some who are now my best friends.”

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