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Strengths and Weaknesses of Google Form + Explanation

Certainly in the world of education we often make quizzes or distribute questionnaires that are useful for gathering information. Where the choices chosen by the respondents we will get information, and we can process the information as we want to process it.

Increasing time from year to year, making questionnaires and making quizzes for educational and other goals are very easy. Because in the modern and digital era like now there is already a service called Google Form.

You can access this Google Form for free. To use it, you also need to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Google Form. The article below will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Google Form.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Google Form

 Strengths and Weaknesses of Google Form

Before discussing the strengths and weaknesses of Google Form, you must first understand first what is meant by Google Form. Not only that, you also need to know why you should choose the Google Form.

The first thing you should know from Google Form is that Google Form is also often referred to as Google form. Google Form is very useful to be able to assist you in sending surveys, planning an event, giving students some quizzes, and for gathering information in an easy and efficient way.

This form can also be linked to spreadsheet If the spreadsheet is related to the form, the response will automatically be sent to the spreadsheet. If not, then the user can see the responses that have been collected on the Response Summary page. The page can also be accessed through the Responses menu.

One of the reasons some users are not aware of is that Google Form is an integral part of the Google Drive application, in other words Google Form is part of the features of the Google Drive application. Therefore, if you want to use Google Form, you must first log in to your Gmail or Google Apps account.

Using Spreadsheets can show you how you can use the software, and is useful for asking a few questions, which in it can be either a response or an answer from simple text or further text responses.

And using Google Form, you can ask multiple choice questions, list a number of questions, scale questions, and many more. And if you want to share your form with other people, you can arrange your form to be able to appear with themes that can be impressive with very easy access.

From the many uses in Google Form, we also need to know what are the advantages and shortcomings of the Google Form. That way, below are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Form:

Advantages of Google Form

 Strengths of Google Form

In accordance with its benefits, Google Form also has several advantages, as below:

  1. Very easy to use . Google Form is very easy to use, including in making and using it. With its simplicity, Google Form is very suitable for use for a beginner.
  2. Free . You can enjoy Google Form services for free. With this advantage, you don't need to waste money to buy applications or services like form creation. Because Google Form is available free of charge, or free of charge.
  3. The program is quite mild . Unlike other programs, Google Form includes having a lightweight program. So you can use it without constraints.
  4. Can be shared . The advantage of Google Form that we can use is that it can be shared with various platforms. This advantage is very useful because by sharing it, we can make it possible for everyone to fill out the quizzes and questionnaires that we have made to collect information.
  5. Has the SpreadSheets feature . One of the advantages of Google Form which is very important, Google Form has the Spreadsheets feature. You can see the survey responses that have been collected on the form neatly and automatically. And also you can see info from the response time and also the graph with this Spreadsheets feature.

Lack of Google Form

 Lack of Google Form

If you have previously explained what are the advantages of Google Form, then you should also find out what are the shortcomings of Google Form. With the many benefits and advantages of Google Form, it does not cover the possibility that Google Form has no shortcomings.

Following are some of the shortcomings of Google Form which you can see as below:

  1. Cannot be used in online discussion forums ] One disadvantage of Google Form which is unfortunate is that Google Forms cannot be used in online discussion forums. If Google can be used in online discussion forums it will make Google Form function even better.
  2. Cannot use equations directly . The second drawback of Google Form is that it cannot use equations. Where the mathematical problems and answers really require the existence of mathematical equations or symbols. Unfortunately, this feature is not owned by Google Form.

Thus the article about the advantages and disadvantages of Google Form. Google Forms Services has many benefits for us if we want to create a form. And after creating a form, you can share it on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, WhatsApp and other platforms.

Therefore, make the best use of this Google Form service. Hopefully this article can provide benefits to you, and add your insight about Google Form. And hopefully this article can help you find information about Google Forms.


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