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Steam Download APK for Android (Newest 2018)

After discussing about Steam for windows this time, steam is present before you gamers in the form of applications on your smartphone. Moreover, many games that were present provided games on smartphones . Steam on the smartphone this time has a slight difference with Steam on the PC or laptop display. So do you think gamers are now able to play games on steam on smartphones?

The answer so far is "can't". So even though Steam Mobile already exists, gamers still cannot enjoy the games on Steam on their respective smartphones. This Steam Mobile application further facilitates users to be able to see other users of steam who are online and chat with each other via the chat feature that is served. Then the user can also purchase and monitor discounts made by Valve or Windows games that are sold on Steam.

Steam utility

In this steam mobile application, there are many features displayed. Like, guard features or commonly called guar mobile steam. For those of you who are still new, don't understand what Steam Guard mobile is? Mobile steam guard is a feature for steam applications that are on smartphones like android [1945906] and iOs which aim to increase the security level of your steam account. This feature generates a unique code that is only valid for 30 seconds and can only be used 1x and unguessable because they are always changing.

 Android Steam Download

Android Steam Display

If you normally log in to a particular website such as an e-mail account and use 2 authentication factors (in the form of verification codes sent via sms), then Steam Guard Mobile functions the same as that. So that other people who want to hack your account will suffer even a total failure. Now Steam Guard has been renewed, because of the many scams and for the safety and comfort of all parties who use this Steam Guard Mobile application.

One of the other features in this steam mobile is the presence of a market. Market is our place to sell or buy in-game items (in-game items). The items here have varying prices, even in dota 2 games there are items whose selling prices reach 30jt rupiah. Maybe that's one of the steam guards, to protect users who have fantastic item prices.

In addition to the market, there is also a trade feature on steam mobile. This trade feature is used to exchange or send items to other users. Surely in this process, it is always protected by the mobile steam guard, there is no abuse that can harm one of the parties.

There is also a Store feature, which is where we buy cool and original original games. But remember, it's a game for PC, not intended for smartphones. We only buy it via steam mobile, for installation and use, it is done on a PC or leptop. And there are many other features such as Groups, workshops etc.

Download Steam APK

For size issues, this mobile Steam has a relatively small size of only 3.5MB. Personally, even though they don't sell mobile games or run mobile games in this application, this step is the right step to build a community that will be loyal to the products issued by the company concerned.

Mobile technology has succeeded in changing the way people interact, enjoy news, get news, and so on. Therefore, the method of a digital product promotion must be able to follow the changes that were produced earlier. And this seems to be what Valve might be using Steam Mobile. Download Steam APK via the link below:


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