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‘Soul Calibur 6’ Is Causing A Serious Problem For Linux Gamers

The good news: right out of the box, Soul Calibur VI seems to offer decent performance on Linux via Steam Play and Proton. The bad news? The game fails to detect an online network, and then when gamers switch over to play on Windows they’re finding themselves completely blocked from playing the fighter online.

Inferno, the sole villain in Soul Calibur VI. Although Denuvo DRM is probably the second villain. . .Bandai Namco

Steam user Petya raised the issue earlier today after buying Soul Calibur VI on Steam for Linux, and many others have chimed in with the same problem. Other users have noted that while the game is playable using Steam’s Proton solution for installing and running Windows-only games under Linux, any online connectivity fails to be recognized. Curiously, this leads to the same issue persisting on a Windows installation of Soul Calibur VI. This is leading some folks to think the bug originates with the Denuvo anti-cheat DRM and is therefore tied to accounts and not machines or operating systems.

Petya and others have attempted to completely uninstall the game, disable Steam cloud saves, then reinstall in Windows and delete any trace of configuration files or saves. Strangely, it just leads to the error below — even when installing on different PCs or hard drives.

After attempting to play on Linux, users are unable to go online with Soul Calibur VI via WindowsPetya via IMGUR

This problem does seem similar to what we recently witnessed with Overwatch players being banned after playing on Linux. However, due to the nature of the error message it feels decidedly more like a bug and not like any sort of intentional ban.

I’ve reached out to multiple Bandai Namco PR contacts as well as the company’s support page and Twitter accounts, and will update this as soon as any response is issued. For now the all important bottom line is this: if you’re running Linux, do not even launch Soul Calibur VI. To be extra cautious, don’t even install it.

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