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Some Bad Habits that Make Your Phone Unsafe – How to Avoid? – iSumsoft

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With the continuous development of technology, the popularity and functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful. People use mobile phones can be social, entertainment, payments, which has become a part of people’s life. At the meantime, mobile phone security has become a large problem that cannot be ignored. We all know that people use mobile phones in different ways, but there is no doubt that if we don’t use them properly, there will always be bad habits that will make mobile phones more unsafe. Now, let’s take a look at some of the bad habits of using cell phone

1. The phone does not set the password.

phone screen does not set the password

There are many reasons why people don’t set their passwords. First, they are afraid of forgetting them due to bad memory or trouble. However, you should know that since you do not set a password, your various privacy may be leaked. For example, take alipay as an example, when many friends use the payment function, they just open the APP directly and show the payment code. This is relatively dangerous! So screen password claims to be the first door of the mobile phone, locking is necessary!

2. Wifi / Bluetooth / GPS is always open.

keep open wifi, bluetooth and gps

If you always keep open Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS, in addition to being unsafe, power consumption is the key. Many mobile phone viruses are implemented via Bluetooth, and people with ulterior motives can also use Bluetooth spyware to view your phonebook, information and documents.

3. Skip software and shop directly through your mobile phone browser.

The browser has always been the warm soil where viruses, trojans and phishing sites spawns. The browser shopping is most likely to encounter fishing website, and now the payment process is extremely simplified, causing losses if you don’t pay attention to it, so it is safer to pay for the purchase in the secure software.

4. Application is not exit thoroughly.

Android app generally likes to stay in the background, and every time we all thought that the application is closed, it’s still running in the background, so anyone who has access to your phone can see it from the background management, so when you exit the software, remember to turn it off thoroughly.

5. Free network without discrimination.

Criminals tend to tempt you to connect WiFi by setting up a free WiFi, so as to steal important information on your phone, including all kinds of mobile payment user names and passwords, so it’s best not to use free WiFi.

6. Private information was not deleted thoroughly when eliminating mobile phones.

Most people do not know double clear the phone or use file shredder to remove all personal information, if the old phone is not processed and sold it at once, the personal information inside is easily known to those who have access to your phone.

7. Download copycat software.

Curiosity is a good thing. If you see apps and download it without discrimination, I think it’s not a good habit. Thus, it is best to choose a large app store to download applications, at least the trojan virus will be much lower.

8. Store sensitive information on your phone.

It’s bad enough not to have a password on your phone, and if you still like to store sensitive personal information on it and use it to remember things, it’s even more risky.

9. Click the handset text message and link at will.

randomly click the handset text message and link

News of cell phone poisoning is frequently reported by clicking on the SMS link at random. For instance, criminals send fraudulent text messages to users’ mobile phones to induce the user to install the Trojan or login the phishing website, so as to obtain some information such as user post password, the fund situation and so on. So please do not randomly click on the links of winning prizes, inviting you to view the photo album, and informing you of password problems.

10. Read the QR code and scan it.

read the qr code and scan

Two-dimensional code is a double-edged sword, which brings convenience to users, but also brings great risks. Viruses, trojans, etc. may be hidden behind the QR code. If you scan the code, your mobile phone and personal information will be easily stolen by others.


Our daily life cannot be separated from mobile phones. A good habit of using mobile phones is very important. Let’s get rid of some of the bad habits of using mobile phones.


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