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SMS Verification Required For Security Purposes

SMS Verification Required For Security Purposes. Hello blogger friend this time the code admin admin will help you analyze the problem of Failure to Activate BNI Mobile Banking. so many asked me about the problems that exist when we register mobile banking in our Android smartphone. actually this problem is in those who actually have activated BNI mobile banking applications in their android. but want to go back to using the application in a different service or maybe you have problems in the cellphone. for their new BNI customers often always succeed in the issue of activating mobile banking in their cellphones and not having too many significant problems.

For friends who have previously read my article about:

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Please read the article above if all the requirements are complete but you experience problems in activating the mobile banking. if you read the comments below there are many who complain about the title we will discuss this time. that's why the admin conducts research so that you all get at least a little enlightenment. ok, my friend just immediately see what actually caused BNI to send the verification SMS ?? CEKIDOOT !!

Difficulty Asking for an OTP CODE for those who have registered before.

Because of the many problems surrounding this then the admin decided to do CEILEE heheee research … there were several answers to the problems why our BNI bankng mobile could experience something like that and later we will try to start explaining it one by one. think the message display when you failed then frustrated in the activity of BNI mobile banking activation for example is like this:

SMS Verification Required for security purposes please send this text uo6iy8gAsfVkkono2o4k1kK + odVRmDhW / zAXKpJGZMzoHco =

And you know, usually this SMS comes out when you start asking for the OTP (One Time PAssword) code from BNI, there is even a notification like the message above. Even we all know that the OTP code sent directly from BNI is 6 DIGIT. of course you feel annoyed and want to switch to another heart HAHAA .. the error is more fatal when the SMS actually actually you send again to 3346. the result of your credit is reduced and the SMS actually appears for the second time of course our hearts are shattered, of course GUYSS !! well, you can see examples like the screenshot below

 SMS Verification Required for Security Purposes "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 776 "data-original-width =" 436 "height =" 640 "src =" https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-YTdNFLdrAU8/XEnvwChyx3I/AAAAAAAAEns/qnBpoaPbxL8UCU0J5o7PYpmTU4hgUvQ7QCLcBGAs/s640/sms%2Verified%2B needed%2B for%2Btarget%2Bkeamanan%2Bsup%2Bkirim%2Bsms%2Bini.png "title =" SMS Verification Security Purpose Required "width =" 358 "/> </a></div>
 If you continue to reply to the message, the result will remain the same and will stop when your credit is exhausted, so I emphasize once again stopping to send the SMS above and stop reply to the message in number 3346. while at the time you receive the SMS format the OTP Code correctly, for example it will be like this: </p>
<blockquote class=


Now if the OTP code is successfully sent, the format will be as above, apart from the above format, the OTP code failed to send and that is a sign that there is a mistake when starting activating your mobile banking. Then what are the causes for outgoing notifications? SMS Verification Is Required For Security Purposes, let's look at the causes below

Cause Exit Notification SMS Message Verification Required For Security Purposes

1. Changing Device or Frequent Cheat Change your previous cellphone to HP, once you have activated BNI mobile banking.

Now for those of you who often change devices or smartphones this is something you should avoid. the security system implemented by BNI is very different from the security measures at other bank banks, BNI is one of the banks that provides the safest facilities from HACKING, piracy or theft. So if one day the HP is lost or stolen, this device will still be recognized as the only device that has ever been registered with the system. therefore if you register for the second time of banking activation. BNI still confirms the first device as the rightful owner. for this reason BNI often issues a message notification as above, the goal is none other than taking over or you could say your account is being secured for reconfirmation. this is why if you often complain that you have already registered before but register for the second time it is difficult to play.

2. Revoke SIMCARD From its place of origin (Mobile banking that has been activated).

The problem of revoking SIMCARD is indeed a very trivial problem, but not with a security system at BNI. maybe you will find in another bank that the password that has been registered can be reused and replace the device and pull out the SIM card is all valid, but all that does not apply to BNI. Now if you accidentally revoke or have released a simcard card intentionally, then you must reactivate the mobile banking. usually alert notifications will appear like this.

Please Activate your Mobile banking account. 1945912
Well the reason why verification sms messages appear when revoking SIMCARD ?? usually this happens when you change your cellphone and insert the SIM slot into a new cellphone. well for cases like this a lot of SMS verification from BNI appears, the purpose is to confirm your new device.

3. SIMCARD operator.

For those of you who often experience obstacles such as SMS verification, this is usually located on the SIMCARD card. we must admit SIMCARD which is the easiest to activate mobile banking is the TELKOMSEL operator. why will the TELKOMSEL operator admin discuss the solution method below. how about another card? It can, but it will be very difficult to register with other operators because maybe the service menu is a bit different, but that doesn't mean it can't, many of them are already associated with mobile banking accounts with operators like im3, XL, tri, etc. [19659018] Okay, friends above are 3 general points, usually you will often get verification SMS notifications. if you have analyzed the cause, let's look at the solution below:

Solution for SMS Verification Required for Security Purposes (Failed to Activate BNI Mobile Banking).

1. Please go to the nearest BNI or Central Branch Office.

For those of you who want to replace a new device or a new cellphone, then you must first reactivate, for the reactivation of this mobile banking you can go to the head office, in your respective area. because some branch offices are not supported by this. then how do you do it without having to go to CS BNI? You should first try the registration method if the SMS OTP is sent and can be registered then you don't need to go to the BNI office. usually you can no longer activate when replacing HP more than once. Therefore, for those of you who have changed your cellphone twice, you should reactivate it by visiting the nearest BNI office.

2. Never revoke the simcard card from the place of origin, and do not often change your cell phone frequently.

For a solution from this second point, it seems I don't need to explain it yet, but I only reminded you to be careful in removing simcard cards or changing cellphones. because if it doesn't need to be done for you then it should be avoided.

3. Use a provider that supports

As I explained above, usually the SMS OTP is easier and faster sent via the TELKOMSEL provider. for its own reasons BNI collaborates with TELKOMSEL, especially in 2019 it is indeed highly recommended for those of you who want to activate this mobile banking, you should use this provider, if you use another provider you can only differ slightly from the recommended provider.

Okay, friend, first of all, for an explanation of this title, hopefully this information can help all of you, admin said goodbye first and thank you: D


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