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Slayaway Camp free on Google Play Store for a limited time!

A screenshot from the mobile game Slayaway Camp. Google Play Store

If you’re a big slasher film fan, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like to run around a summer camp with a mask on hacking horny teenagers to bits with a rusty cleaver. Well, that’s kind of messed up! But hey, you do you.

If you want to live out your murderous fantasies in a way that doesn’t involve killing anyone, you should give Slayaway Camp a try. Normally, the horror-meets-Minecraft game would set you back a couple of bucks, but now the price has been SLASHED to the much-more-affordable cost of free.

In Slayaway Camp, you take on the role of Skullface, who looks a lot like Jason from the Friday the 13th film series. Just like Jason, you are terrorizing a summer camp filled with innocent campers; but unlike Jason, you are solving puzzles instead of invading their private moments and spilling their guts.

While Slayway Camp is thoroughly tongue-in-cheek and more funny than it is horrific, it is still rated “M” for mature, which means users under the age of 17 shouldn’t play. However, it does have a perfect five-star rating on the Google Play Store and multiple rave reviews from publications.

Click the button below to install Slayaway Camp for free right now…while you still can! Muah ha ha ha!


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