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Samsung Cheap Smartphone with Advanced Features to Pamper Millennials

As early as 2019, Samsung, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers from South Korea, re-launched its newest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy M10. Where before, at the end of 2018 Samsung had successfully launched a successful high-end smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

With the M series, Samsung has brought a fresh perspective that is needed by millennials with claims can compete with two brands in the Android smartphone class that are famous for their sophisticated specifications but have affordable prices, namely Xiaomi and Huawei. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy M10 has also responded to the needs of millennials who desperately need sophisticated camera specifications and battery life that are more long lasting.

So, what are the specifications of this Samsung Galaxy M10? which is said to be very suitable for the millennial generation? Want to know? Come on, immediately see the following review!


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In terms of the design of the Galaxy M10 it is similar to the previous M20 series, although some modifications have been added. The Galaxy M10 comes with an M20 design on the back despite the absence of a fingerprint sensor, and has a rear camera with a dual lens. Similar to the M20, the Galaxy M10 bezel is also made of polycarbonate plastic.

With its finishing which looks glossy the Samsung M10's body tends to look more metallic so that the impression of the plastic body is lost. However, because of the shiny plastic nature makes it vulnerable to fingerprints, so case use is very necessary. This latest smartphone made by Samsung looks very elegant with color charcoal black .


 Display of Samsung Galaxy M10

Samsung Galaxy M10 has Infinity-V screen 6.2 inches with HD + (720p) resolution and a tiny notch on the top makes this smart phone more beautiful. Then the screen that stretched from end to end, with a thin bezel around the screen left an elegant impression and classy compared to other phones in the same segment.

Besides that the screen also has brightness which is enough to remain legible in bright spaces. The Galaxy M10 is equipped with Widevine L1 certification for streaming HD quality video or movie content.


 Samsung Galaxy M10 camera

The Samsung Galaxy M10 has a dual-rear camera on the back, with 13MP main sensor and resolution lens 5MP. For the front camera, this phone has a selfie lens with a resolution of 5MP aperture f / 2.0. The camera results from the Galaxy M10 are above average with other smartphones in the same segment.

With the Ultra Wild-Angle feature, it proves that this cheap android smartphone from Samsung has more advantages than others. So that this smartphone is perfect for meeting the needs of the millennial generation who like selfies or other object photos.


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The Galaxy M10 is powered by an Exynos 7870 octa-core processor, and is equipped with 2GB or 3GB RAM, the internal storage media has a capacity of 16GB or 32GB. So that by using the Galaxy M10 will make users do everyday tasks easily. The performance may not be the fastest, but this phone does not show slowness in handling everyday activities in general such as watching videos, browsing the internet, using social media applications, etc.

Unfortunately, this mobile phone shows some weaknesses in performance to play games that require a fairly high level of graphics such as PUBG and Asphalt-series. So the Galaxy M10 takes a little longer to open the game application.

Meanwhile for the operating system the Samsung Galaxy M10 already uses Android Oreo with Experience 9.5 UI, which is claimed to provide a cleaner and smoother experience when using it. The smartphone is also equipped with an unlock face feature, which can work efficiently in good light but will have difficulty when lighting is dim.

Battery Power and Price

 Battery Power and Price [19659002] The Samsung Galaxy M10 is equipped with a capacity of 3,400 mAh, with a capacity of 1,600 mAh smaller than the one in the Galaxy M20. However, the M10 can last for a full day for normal use and can be more than 12 hours.

Unfortunately, this smartphone does not support fast charging features or fast-charging and you also only get 5W chargers . As a result, the battery takes a long time to be recharged from zero to reach 100 percent. As for the price of the Galaxy M10 is priced at a very affordable price, which is around Rp 1,699,000.

Well, no wonder if the Galaxy M10 is claimed to be a cheap android smartphone with Samsung advanced features that are very suitable for the millennial generation.

That's a little review from us about the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy M 10 which it feels is suitable for the millennial generation. How?

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