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Reviewing the Good and Bad Sides of Social Networking

Reviewing the Good and Bad Sides of Social Networking. The two sides of the social networking sword choose which? Means or any thing in this world seems to be we Explain as a sword eye that has two sides. One side leads to goodness while the other leads to the opposite of evil. Who decides to swing to the side of which the sword is?
Fever up Central hit us. The children of the merchant's parents reporter activist da'wah each other upload status and mencolek each other. It's not unusual to see a group of people at one restaurant table or even a husband in one Sofa not talking to each other even when they're not fighting. Yes they are fun to get in Facebook. Social networking. The term social networking began familiar we heard lately along with the rapid use of social networking sites on the internet.

Various social networking sites or friendship rules in cyberspace call it Twitter multiple Twitter, Friendster, Myspace and so forth. Spread like a virus these social webs have been drugged millions or even hundreds of millions of people its title to join in it. The social networking of the virtual world has become part of the lifestyle of today. Facebook for example a friendship site that was launched in 2004 and began to open to the public in 2006 increasingly attracted the attention of many people not exception in Indonesia. This according to data from checkfacebook.com, the number of Facebook users around the world penetrate the number of more than 288 million people. The first position of the largest achieved United States and Indonesia occupies the seventh position with users about 9.8 million. Prior to Facebook booming in this country one of the other social networking sites, Friendster last year recorded the number of its users in Indonesia as much as 8 million.

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<p><b><span style= Swing the sword to the side of goodness

Those who are affiliated have an account on one or even the whole friendship site it seems as if it has a second world after the real world, and this second world seems very fascinating because it offers so many facilities of ease and satisfaction for its users.Once sign up (list) free of charge on the site of friendship has been announced to the world will be daan himself. Followed by posting (inserting) self-written data or just unek-unek also photos or anything more open Who the hell who have the account.

Then with facilities and Friend someone can add friends so they can connect to each other and then form social networking, a community. A community is the main function of a friendship site connecting one person with many others. Through this friendship site users can claim to establish a relationship with anyone and from anywhere. Whether it's with friends one alma mater colleagues brother to an unknown person though. Even old friends who have not been detected so many years can also be found. Shout? Most people do judge that relationship is one of the benefits they gain from the friendship sites they follow.

I often look for my old friends who have both studied in Germany and elsewhere. Although not all but still there are contacts I think the friendship site is quite helpful in terms of friendship. Various sites of this friendship can also be used as a means to spread goodness. Well to be useful for others spread the goodness there are many means that can be taken no exception through this friendship site. Precisely This is what should be done in utilizing the sites of friendship that they follow. While social networking has now been entrenched in the life of the community, especially adolescents so take advantage of social networking as a means of strategy.

For example by posting a post containing or just updating the status and commenting on it with sentences that quality and meaningful not lead to open opportunities to the direction is not good.

From there also someone can add insight and scientific as indirectly often make friends in friend list in friendship site as reference source. The idea that I have responded to in various ways extends my perspective in looking at the problem. It turns out that if we use properly social networks can provide so much science and inspiration. Apparently if we use properly social network can provide so much science and inspiration that if we talk about the benefits of the site friendship What with mudharatnya must exist.

So biased us to continue Even incessantly throughout the day status updates comment on friends' messages chat friends alias chat online. In addition, the efforts of self-disclosure through this friendship site can also cause narcissism. The tendency to show itself. But narcissism is often interpreted by Ucup or arrogant limits and is not very thin.

The problem is often related to perception. But men are left to his intention whether to show off or just tell. Lho kok willing Facebookan Twitteran multiple course Must wear special intentions. Because if we want to make the site of friendship as a means or means of goodness then start it is accompanied by the intention to spread goodness. But beyond that not a few who use the site of friendship as a tool for crime. But of course the various sites of friendship is basically just as a means of media tool that has a very free Neutral character. You are the user who gives meaning to it. Is interpreted as a means to spread the benefits and goodness or you use for the opposite.


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