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Replace the HP Whatsapp (WA) number securely without deleting data

Replacing the Smartphone Whatsapp (WA) number safely without deleting data – The habit of replacing an smartphone number is not uncommon, sometimes for some numbers the number has to be replaced, such as missing numbers, stolen smartphone and cases (19459005) Actually change the number of legitimate-only for anyone smartphone android owner, but the problem is sometimes the number that we have previously been associated with social messenger applications like whatsapp / WA one of them,

We know whatsapp this time is the most widely used application, and this aplication requires a smartphone number to verify, simultaneously through this number also the users can add friends and send each other send messages

But how if the number of smartphone used for WhatsAPP lost or replaced , perhaps with the loss of many smartphone numbers that take steps to create a new whatsapp account, but unfortunately if creating a new whatsapp account, data group, message data and other whatsapp data will be empty as well as first use whatsapp

Fortunately the problem of replacing this number has been anticipated by whatsapp application, So if the smartphone number is lost or is not used, so that whatsapp data is not deleted and whatsapp normally runs normally the best solution is to change whatsapp number in the whats app account being used, in this way, the data of messages, contacts, groups and other data will not be erased or lost.

Smartphone Whatsapp (WA) number safely without deleting data

For you whatsapp users who happen to want to change the card, then you should also have to change the smartphone number in your whatsapp account on the same phone with the new card hp number, so whatsapp data you keep running normally like before change the card

Anything which will occur if replacing the number wa with the new smartphone number:

a. You will not lose whatsapp data like messages, groups and other whatsapp settings.

b. Your contacts will be visible as new numbers in the contact group whats the app you are following. So make sure after replacing the smartphone wa number, whoever your friend is told to change your number in their context.

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The steps to change smartphone number whats app is as follows:

1. Insert new SIM card (with new phone number) to your device.
2. Go to WhatsApp.
3. Check and make sure that your old phone number is currently verified in WhatsApp
How to open WhatsApp> Menu Button> Settings, please click on your profile photo and select the option change the number .

Next you will be asked for verification, please follow the next step so that your new official phone number is verified as a replacement for your old number By following the steps above you can re-use whatsapp with your new hp number without losing whatsapp data when using previous number Similarly about Changing HP Whatsapp (WA) number safely without m erase the data, hope it helps.

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