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Renesas Electronics to Release RZ/G Linux Platform Solution Supporting IEC 62443 International Standard for Protection of Industrial Control Systems Against Cyberattacks by EO2019

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of
advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced plans to release a
security solution based on the Renesas RZ/G Linux Platform that will
reduce the amount of time required for users to obtain certification
under IEC
62443-4-2, a new international standard for security technologies
used to protect industrial control systems from cyberattacks.

In today’s connected world, robust security measures are essential.
Cyberattacks on industrial control systems for infrastructure facilities
such as manufacturing plants and power stations pose the risk of serious
disruption to people’s lives and to the economy. For this reason, the
IEC established the IEC 62443 international security standard covering
all layers (operators, system integrators, and equipment suppliers)
engaged in the manufacturing of industrial control systems and all
players (enterprises and organizations involved in industry and public
infrastructure). Within this standard, endpoint devices such as sensors
and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) must be certified under IEC
62443-4. The certification process imposes a significant burden on
developers. It requires them to interpret the difficult standard, to
prepare the software and documentation required for certification, and
to execute a procedure that requires specialized expertise.

To help developers overcome these certification challenges, Renesas is
developing an industrial security solution that supports IEC 62443-4.
Together with deliverables through the activities in Civil
Infrastructure Platform (CIPTM) Project, the Renesas RZ/G
Linux Platform security solution will enable users to reduce the time
required for obtaining IEC 62443-4-2 certification by as much as six

“At the end of February 2019, the international standard version of
IEC62443-4-2 was officially released,” said Shigeki Kato, Vice
President of Renesas’ Enterprise Infrastructure Business Division,
Industrial Solution Business Unit.
“Renesas supports the adoption of
IEC 62443 across the entire industry and is working to roll out this
solution as soon as possible as part of an all-out effort to support our
customers’ efforts to acquire certification.”

Within the IEC 62443-4 standard, IEC 62443-4-1 deals with development
process compliance and IEC 62443-4-2 deals with the technical compliance
of the devices themselves. Renesas is working through the newly
established CIP Security Working Group to develop secure open source
software (OSS) that complies with IEC 62443-4-2, to establish guidelines
for implementing security functions and applications using OSS, and to
help create the testing procedures and testing environments necessary
for obtaining IEC 62443-4-2 certification.

“By promoting the widespread adoption of OSS, CIP aims to make secure
civil infrastructure systems a reality. IEC 62443-4 is a key role in
this as industry priority, which is why CIP is aligned with supporting
and promoting it,” said Urs Gleim, CIP Governing Board Chairman and
Head of Smart Embedded Systems for Siemens AG.
“I am confident that
the new Security Working Group led by Renesas will advance the adoption
of OSS in industrial machinery and contribute to the realization of
secure smart factories and infrastructure.”

Renesas supports embedded Linux devices in the industrial field with the
RZ/G Linux Platform, a one-stop solution combining a high-performance
RZ/G microprocessor (MPU) and a fully-verified Linux package with a
guaranteed, ultra-long-term support. The new security solution will
include all the software and documentation necessary for obtaining IEC
62443-4-2 certification, providing an optimal development environment
for products employing the RZ/G Linux Platform. The new security
solution was developed combining Renesas’ efforts made through the CIP
Security Working Group and the RZ/G Linux Platform, and will enable
users to reduce their IEC 62443-4-2 certification time by up to six
months. Moving forward, Renesas will continue to provide solutions with
IEC 62443-4 support while working to advance enhanced endpoint
intelligence in the OT field to develop shared technologies such as
security technology and functional safety technology.


The new IEC 62443-4-2-compliant security solution is scheduled to be
available by the end of 2019, starting with the RZ/G2M
MPU. The solutions for other RZ/G2 MPUs will be available over time.
(Availability subject to change)

More Information

To learn more about the solution, visit https://www.renesas.com/solutions/key-technology/iot-security/infrastructure/iec-62443.html.

To learn more about the RZ/G Linux Platform, visit https://www.renesas.com/products/rzg-linux-platform.html.

To learn more about Renesas’ security solutions for industrial
machinery, visit https://www.renesas.com/solutions/industrial-automation/security.html.

About Renesas Electronics Corporation

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:
6723) delivers trusted embedded design innovation with complete
semiconductor solutions that enable billions of connected, intelligent
devices to enhance the way people work and live. A global
leader in microcontrollers, analog, power, and SoC products, Renesas
provides comprehensive solutions for a broad range of automotive,
industrial, home electronics, office automation, and information
communication technology applications that help shape a limitless
future. Learn more at renesas.com.

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