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Recommended Applications To Calculate IP Address (IPv4 and IPv6)

Networking activists must have been familiar with the terms IP Address . Yaa IP Address can be practically like a daily meal, is definitely familiar with it. While config network is sure the Network Enginer often count the IP Address. Counting how many clients can access network A, in network B how many clients can access, that's the basic work of a Network Enginer. An academician is also not left behind with activities related to this IP Address. For example, children of SMK TKJ majors, they almost every day berjibaku with the network, must be closely connected with the IP Address, and they are required to understand how the calculation of IP Addres

Well in this article I will not discuss how to calculate the IP Address , since it has already been discussed in another article entitled:

How To Quickly Learn to Calculate IP Address Part 1

In the article has been thoroughly discussed how to calculate the IP Address. Well for friends who may not have basic knowledge about IP Address calculation is expected to read and practice itself.

Often to calculate the IP Address, we need the instant, hehe. No problem for anyone who likes instant, like me. I recommend for friends an app used to calculate IP Address (IPv4 and IPv6). This app is Android based which friends can download in the link below.


Hopefully this article is useful for readers.


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