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Recognize the Strengths and Weaknesses of Schoology (Complete)

The development of technology in the field of information has many positive impacts on life, one of which is in the field of education. There have begun to emerge various technologies created for education such as Learning Management System (LMS), such as Schoology.

Schoology is a school LMS site (Learning Management System), higher education institutions and companies / institutions that can create, share content and manage it well. In 2007 Jeremhy Friedman, Team Trinidad, and Ryang Hwang designed Schoology. Its users reached 7.5 million in 60,000 schools in 200 countries recorded since November 2014.

Schoology is a site that combines LMS with social networks. It looks interesting, in addition to studying scholoogy also offers social interaction.

Strengths and Disadvantages of Schoology

 Strengths and Disadvantages of Schoology

Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of schoology will be briefly explained regarding schoology.

Schoology is one of the web pages with a social web form that has an interesting strategy in combining subject matter knowledge with social networks, making it easy to use. With schoology, the problem of learning is easy to access. like studying in class. The function of this webpage is also the same as others such as Blackboard and WebCT in which offers are teachers to help in understanding lessons.

How to access schoology can be done via mobile phone by installing applications Schoology Apps which is available free to download.

Similar to learning in the classroom, Schoology certainly consists of teachers and students. How to include students in the application course is to provide access codes for students who will be guided.

Strengths of Schoology


Schoology offers many features or facilities that can be enjoyed and greatly helps us in the process good learning facilities for teachers and students who are guided. What are the advantages of this schoology? Let's look carefully at the explanation below:

  • Stay Connected, teachers / teachers can arrange all activities to be done to students both group / course renewal, and provide feedback to students.
  • Extend Class Time, a student can see questions online, learn independently, and form groups with friends wherever and whenever it is.
  • Manage on the Go, easy to attend students.
  • Leverage iOS and Android Devices , can be obtained free of charge by installing it on a mobile phone or accessed on a laptop. Because schoology is based on Android and iOS. Sometimes schoology often updates.

Features possessed by Schoology include the following:

  • Courses (Courses), are facilities in making classes for each subject. for example subjects chemistry, physics, mathematics.
  • Groups (Groups), is a facility in making groups
  • Learning resources (Resources)

On the Course menu can be made questions / quizzes or practice questions in the form of choices (choices double), match / match, true-false, (short) stuffing, etc. In addition, these problems can be imported. The advantage of online questions on the Schoolgy website is that we don't need to bother to check the questions that have been done by students. The questions / assignments can be done by students at home and the teacher can control the results of student work even from a distance. In making Math problems can make it easier for teachers, because many are equipped with Equation, Latex and Symbol. So that in addition to making it easier it also makes it look more attractive.

Another advantage of Schoology is that there is a facility for attendance, which can be used to check each student's attendance (such as in class) and Analytic facilities are available for see / control every student activity in each assignment, course, discussion and so forth. In other words, analytic facilities can be used to see what students are doing when they are logged in.

 Strengths and Weaknesses of Schoology

Display Schoology

Schoology is also equipped with moderation / settings for users if they want to join the class or group, which is the status of the Access Group then Invite Only, and also Allow Requests or Open. Before publishing a post from students on the course we can filter it first. So that not all students can post freely on the course.

In addition to status updates / posts, the facilities provided by schoology are also in the form of blogs that are useful for posting / publishing a lesson on the account they have in schoology. Also available is also a means to send messages / chat / message anywhere, through available direct posts.

Another advantage is that besides being able to post status in groups or courses available in schoology, it turns out we can also share (share) posts to several social media such as twitter and facebook accounts.

In terms of managing grades (grades) of students in the form of quizzes or other things, schoology also provides them via Gradebook.

Weaknesses of Schoology

Besides the many advantages and facilities or the features contained in schoology turned out to have weaknesses as well. The following are weaknesses of schoology that you should know:

  • Because it is based online, when you want to access schoology you need the internet, because offline access is not yet available.
  • The appearance of the home menu is less interactive, so when you first log in or access it schoology maybe some of you will feel confused / difficult to understand the features available in it.
  • For setting the language used is also less many types (not varied), including Indonesian is not yet available in it.
  • If accessed on mobile phone the available content is incomplete.
  • Facilities for students are also lacking, more facilities are provided for teachers or instructors.

Thus the discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of schoology. Broadly speaking, schoology can facilitate the learning process and also be more efficient.


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