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Recognize the History of Basketball in the World & Indonesia [SINGKAT]

Sport is certainly an activity that must be done by everyone if you want to maintain a healthy body. Besides being good for health doing regular exercise can also maintain your ideal body weight.

There are many types of exercise that are spread throughout the world. One sport whose existence is never dim is basketball. Even basketball has existed for a long time and is spread all over the world.

For those of you fans of basketball, of course you have often seen international basketball matches. Where the capabilities possessed by international basketball players are already very reliable. So that it can present a very interesting match to be seen.

History of World Basketball

 History of World Basketball Basketball is a type of sport that is done in groups where each team consists of 5 main players and some reserve players. The sport of basketball is still popular since it was made in 1891 by a sports teacher named Dr. James Naismith. Dr. James is a Canadian who taught at YMCA Professional Student College in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States.

The inspiration for making basketball in Dr. James when he was confused about looking for an activity to fill the winter holidays in England for his students at that time. Then Dr. James remembered a game he used to play when he was a child called Ontario. From this childhood game then Dr. James invented the game of basketball.

Basketball game or basket ball was first made on December 15, 1981. Initially Dr. James just put a basket of peaches used on the wall and his students were told to put the ball into it. Formerly the sport of basketball is only used by men. However, because women also liked this sport, in 1892 a women's basketball team was created.

From the beginning the appearance of this sport many people were interested in trying it. Until January 20, 1892 basketball competition was officially made. This match was conducted at Dr. James. Then the basketball sport began to develop rapidly and the rules in it were also adjusted.

 Complete History of World Basketball Where at the beginning of this sport it appeared using 9 players and there were no dribble techniques in inside of it. But since basketball was famous in the United States, the number of players was changed to 5 people. After the basketball game that was held in Dr. Smith then in 1910 held an official basketball match again at the request of President Roosevelt.

In 1920 basketball sport began to spread throughout the world and began to enter high school level at that time. Furthermore, in 1932 basketball sport increasingly showed its existence where this year the International Basketball Federation was created. Countries included in this Federation such as Italy, Latvia, Greece, Switzerland, Romania, Portugal, Czechoslovakia, and Argentina.

Then 4 years after the federation was formed, a basketball olympics was made precisely in 1936. Then in the year 1946 BAA (Basketball Association of America) is formed which is tasked with forming a professional basketball team. But three years later, in 1949 BAA was renamed the NBA (National Basketball Association) and the name of the NBA survived until now.

Amazingly since the first Olympics were held, the basketball team from the United States always won. And until now the basketball team from America only lost 3 matches. From this it can be concluded that the basketball team from America where the first place for basketball was created has been great ever since.

History of Basketball in Indonesia

 History of Basketball in Indonesia Until now the basketball game not only held in the United States, but also in several other parts of the world. Like Europe, South America, Lithuania, even to Indonesia. Some very famous international basketball games such as NBA (National Basketball Association) in America, BBL (British Basketball League) in England,

and IBL (Indonesia Basketball League) located in Indonesia. These three basketball games are always held every year and have a growing fan base until now. Speaking of the development of basketball in Indonesia, the beginning of this sport entered in the 1920s when immigrants from China came to Indonesia.

Indeed, before entering Indonesia, basketball was already well-known in China. When the migrants from China came to Indonesia then they made a special basketball school that was named the Chinese school. In this school every student and student was taught to play basketball even made basketball court at the school.

Then in 1930 many big cities in Indonesia formed a basketball club. But the development of basketball in Indonesia is more rapid after Indonesia's independence. Two major cities in Indonesia which became the forerunner to the development of basketball in Indonesia are Solo City and Yogyakarta City. It is in these two cities that basketball has developed very rapidly.

Although it has not yet been legalized as an official sport in Indonesia, basketball games have begun to be held at the first PON (National Sports Week) held in 1948 in Solo. Since then many people have started to know what basketball is. And unexpectedly many participants were enthusiastic to join this basketball team.

 National Sports Week

Not only were the participants increasing but the basketball audience also increased when there was a match basketball in Indonesia. Because basketball enthusiasts continued to grow then on October 23, 1951 a basketball association was formed which was named the All Indonesian Basketball Association.

The name of this association did not last long because in 1955 the name was changed to the All Indonesian Basketball Association or which is known today as PERBASI. Not waiting for a long time only took 2 years for Perbasi to be received by FIBA ​​(The International Basketball Federation) precisely in 1953. Then in 1954 for the first time Indonesia sent its basketball team to the Manila Asian Games.

On April 3, 1982 is an important date for the development of basketball in Indonesia through the prestigious Kobatama (Main Basketball Competition) event. Where the first Kobatama was won by the Indonesia Muda Jakarta basketball club. The development of basketball in Indonesia was dim for almost 30 years. Until finally DBL (Detection Basketball League) was held.

This competition did present a very good basketball game so that it could attract the interest of many people in basketball. Even after that Kobatama was held again but under the name NBL (National Basket League). Whereas the women's basketball game was given the name WNBL (Women’s National Basket League) which is still held today.

That was a little information about the history of basketball in Indonesia and the world. Hopefully this info is useful for you.


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