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Recognize the Characteristics of Cybercrime and Prevention (Complete)

This time we will provide information about the understanding and characteristics of cybercrime. It should be understood that cybercrime is a crime that first began in 1988.

Initially the attack was carried out with using a virus which served to shut down or disable a computer system connected to the internet. Actions such as including criminal acts because they can endanger the system and also the data in it.

There are many ways that can be done by utilizing cybercrime. Along with the development of technology, cybercrime has also increasingly developed and increasingly sophisticated. In fact it only takes a few minutes for someone to be able to tamper with computer systems.

Overview of Cybercrime

 Overview of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is actually also known as cyber crime. Cybercrime is a type of crime that cannot be committed by just anyone. Those who commit cybercrime are generally someone who has above average intelligence. This crime can be committed by individuals or groups. Levels of cybercrime vary.

There is someone who commits cybercrime with a low level. There are also those who commit cybercrime in a very sophisticated way so that the authorities need a long time to find the perpetrators. Someone who commits this cybercrime act is called a hacker . Hackers will attack the computer system to then retrieve data or just want to tamper with the computer system.

Characteristics of Cybercrime

 Characteristics of Cybercrime

Every crime certainly has its own characteristics or characteristics. Likewise with cybercrime where this one crime also has its own characteristics that are distinguishing from other types of crime.

Below we have provided an explanation of what are the characteristics of cybercrime so you can understand that this crime does have its own differences with others.

1. Scope

Our first discussion starts from the scope of cybercrime. We know that the scope of the internet is global. That is, cyber crime is also global and even so vast as if there are no restrictions because it is related to the whole world. So often we find that cybercrime is carried out in the transactional realm, across continents and various countries even very far away.

In this way, the application of law tends to be difficult to implement. Moreover, when someone commits cybercrime, they will easily enter the computer system in the company without having to be detected, alias anonymous so that this kind of crime tends to be difficult to detect by law.

2. Nature of crime

Speaking of the nature of crime, cybercrime is a type of crime that is non-violence . That is, this crime does not result in traces that can be felt physically and easily seen. In contrast to when someone commits a conventional crime in which the person will cause scars that can be felt by the physical While cybercrime crime does not result in victims suffering physical injuries so it tends to be difficult to provide action to the perpetrators.

3. Perpetrators of crime

The third characteristic of cybercrime is related to the perpetrators of crime. The perpetrators of crime here are universal. The perpetrators of cyber crime are people who come from all ages. Some are still small, teenagers, and some are even old. Therefore, it is difficult to predict who is likely to commit the crime because not all children or adolescents have lower abilities than adults.

4. Mode of crime

The uniqueness of cybercrime is the mode of crime that is somewhat unique. Cybercrime crime utilizes technological sophistication in carrying out its mode of operation which causes this mode to be difficult to understand by others, especially those who do not have sufficient understanding of the world of computers and internet networks and various other subtleties relating to the system computer .

How to Prevent Cybercrime

 Cybercrime Characteristics and Prevention

Generally, any crime can be prevented as long as we really know what actions can be used to prevent the crime. How to prevent cybercrime can vary depending on what kind of crime has the potential to threaten you and the data you have.

1. Don't use pirated applications

The first way is never to use pirated applications. Using pirated applications or software is more preferred because we do not need to pay or register anything. However, this kind of action is dangerous because it is possible that the application has already been installed to steal your data .

2. Install antivirus

The second way is to install antivirus. Please note that antivirus is not only used to remove viruses, but also to protect your computer or device from cybercrime that tries to enter viruses to retrieve your data. But keep in mind that you should always update your antivirus regularly.

The aim is to make your antivirus more resistant and more sensitive to various unknown programs or applications that can attack your data at any time even on your cellphone. dead.

3. Use data encryption

The third way to prevent cybercrime is that you must use data encryption . When you use Wi-Fi or connected to a network connection such as a LAN, make sure your smartphone or computer or other device already has data encryption. This aims to prevent cybercriminals from entering into the data and start exploiting your negligence. Then they will start stealing your important data that results in losses.

4. Change passwords regularly

The last way you can also do is to change passwords regularly. Make sure the password that you use is completely in accordance with the provisions that is "strong". Avoid passwords that are easy to guess, such as using your name, date of birth, or your other identity.

These are the characteristics of cybercrime and its prevention that we need to know to avoid being trapped and become victims of cybercrime. Hopefully this article is useful and easy to understand!


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