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Rambox! All Chatting and Mailing Apps In One Platform

For some people, using some chat and email apps is commonplace. Usually people like that, require opening many browser tabs and applications. It is obviously very resource consuming. Not to mention each chat and mail applications are in different platforms, some are opened via the browser, there is also a opened via Desktop App. This is actually not efficient, we are like pacing to open and reply to all incoming messages.

Well, talk about it. I have a highly recommended app that can combine all chat and email apps in one platform. So, we no longer need to open through the browser, or its Desktop App. The name of the app I recommend is RAMBOX .

 Rambox - All in One Platform

With this app, we can choose the chat and email apps we normally use. There's the Gmail app, Whatsapp and Messenger, and many more popular apps you can open through this app.

This app is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS OS.

 Rambox - Windows Linux MAC OS

DOWNLOAD: http://rambox.pro/

Immediately if you are interested in this app. Download directly from the above link. So much information from me. Hopefully useful.


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