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Purism Reveals Final Hardware Specs of the Privacy-Focused Librem 5 Linux Phone

Purism, the company behind the powerful Linux-based laptops known as the Librem computers, announced today the final hardware specifications of their upcoming Librem 5 Linux smartphone.

As you probably are already aware, Purism is working for some time on a Linux-powered smartphone, which the company calls Librem 5. Designed from the ground up to be privacy and security-aware, the Librem 5 Linux phone is currently scheduled for launch in Q3 2019, after it’s been delayed a couple of times.

Powered by Purism’s Debian-based PureOS Linux operating system and shipping with a mobile version of the GNOME desktop environment and many in-house built apps, the Librem 5 Linux phone is currently available for pre-order for $649 USD until July 31st, when the price will go up with $50 USD.

After numerous updates, the company revealed today the final hardware specifications of the upcoming Librem 5 Linux-powered smartphone, which you can see in the next paragraphs. Purism says that the device will ship with these specs and nothing else will change until its launch later this quarter.

Here are the final hardware specs of the Librem 5 Linux phone

Featuring a generous and gorgeous 5.7-inch IPS TFT display capable of 720×1440 resolution, the Librem 5 smartphone will be powered by an i.MX8M Quad-Core Cortex A53 64-bit ARM 1.5GHz CPU that supports OpenGL/ES 3.1, OpenCL 1.2, and Vulkan graphics stacks, 3GB RAM, and 32GB eMMC internal storage with microSD storage expansion slot.

Being privacy and security-focused, the Librem 5 Linux phone will feature three hardware kill switches for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, cellular baseband, as well as camera and microphone. When all three kill switches are off, the IMU, compass, GNSS, ambient light, and proximity sensors will also be disabled.

Connectivity-wise, Librem 5 will come with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5GHz, Bluetooth 4.x, Teseo LIF3 GNSS built-in GPS, USB 3.0 Type-C port for data transfers, charging, and video output, a smartcard reader with 2FF card slot (SIM card size), microSIM slot for cellular, and optional Gemalto PLS8 3G/4G modem or China-made Broadmobi BM818.

Librem 5 will also feature a 13MP rear camera with flash LED, an 8MP front camera for selfies or video calls, a huge 3,500mAh user replaceable Li-ion battery, 3.5mm headphone jack with stereo and mono microphone input, RGB LED notification lights with PWM control per color, haptic motor, ambient light and proximity sensors, as well as 9-axis acceleration, gyro, and compass sensors.

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