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Purism Partners with Halo Privacy to Bring Extra Security to Its Linux Devices

Purism announced today that it has partnered with Halo Privacy to bring the best-in-class security to its hardware devices, aiming for large enterprise customers in the defense, aerospace, and cryptocurrency sector.

Purism is already known for providing top notch security and privacy for its Linux laptops and phones, but with the new partnership with Halo Privacy, the company wants to bring strong cryptography and custom managed attribution techniques to secure communications from direct attacks.

These new, unique security stack provided by Halo Privacy works together with Purism’s state-of-the-art security implementations for its Linux devices, including the Librem Key USB security token with tamper detection and PureBoot secure UEFI replacement, to cryptographically guarantee signing of the lowest level of firmware and user’s privacy.

“When looking to mitigate the supply chain risk in publicly available hardware offerings, nothing compares to Purism. Delivering solutions using the foundational strength of Purism’s products provides an unparalleled level of confidence and control,” said Lance Gaines, Founder & CTO of Halo Privacy.

Also, Todd Weaver, Founder & CEO of Purism, added that “Halo Privacy has proven to be an instrumental partner with Purism, helping shape some of the security products by getting involved in the early phases of development and product purchasing.”

Purism to deliver hardware into Halo Privacy’s Corona & Eclipse secure communications platforms

Purism and Halo Privacy also announced that they partnership will focus around the delivery of Purism’s Linux-based devices to Halo Privacy’s Corona & Eclipse secure communications platforms, in an attempt to create a foundation of shared enthusiasm for privacy and control.

Furthermore, Halo Privacy wants to allocate developer resources to bring extra functionality on Purism’s platform, and by integrating with the Purism security suite, the company will significantly reduce the attack surface while also offering strong assurance based on the integrity of Purism’s supply chain.

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