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Problems and Solutions for Digestive Health at the Age of 40 and above

In the future there may be many diseases that will arise. At the age of 40 years and above.

Common symptoms that often occur in the elderly are some health problems such as digestion. Some people often consider digestive health to be the most trivial thing.

If observed carefully the body will be susceptible to digestive diseases. Diseases that often strike include bowel movements or bowel movements. If we feel that we don't care about this, the chance for other diseases to arise is even greater.

For example hemorrhoids or diverticulosis. If left unchecked it can be fatal and can interfere with the comfort of activities that you do everyday. What is even more frightening is that it ends up with colon cancer which can cause death.

From the above phenomena we can take an example. The slightest disease can not be left easily perched inside our bodies. As much as possible should be responsive and quick to cope with it.

Here are some forms of problems that are generally a lot of whack age 40 years and over which are usually related to digestion. For all friends yuk Please refer to the following review. Digestion At 40 Years Old And Above "border =" 0 "data-original-height =" 640 "data-original-width =" 960 "height =" 426 "src =" https://4.bp.blogspot.com/ -33CUEsXtCzk / XK_tcYxdZ9I / AAAAAAAAFeM / E3GDDuaeUz8OVpC30TShzS6LGG1NMEX_gCLcBGAs / s640 / Problem% 2BAnd% 2BSolution% 2Bealth% 2B Digestion% 2BD% 2BUsia% 2B40% 2BTy% 2BKeatas.jpg "title =" Problems and Solutions for Digestive Health at 40 Years and Over " width = "640" />

Digestive Problems That Often Attack At 40 Years Old And Over.

1. Difficulty Defecation (Defecation) Constipation, Constipation.

Usually if digestion is disrupted we can see it from our daily bowel movements. When defecating irregularly. And feeling that defecation is done is not complete.

In general, ordinary people do normal defecation activities 3 times a week. If more than that, we should be vigilant.

Factors when increasing age, the activity to perform defecation is also increasingly difficult. In other words, fewer. This is caused because of the increasing age factor, the function of digestive function in the body also decreases its function.

At a later age, sometimes a person is more likely to play less physical activity. And accompanied by lifestyle and dietary rules that pay less attention to fiber.

If you find it difficult to defecate. Looking for alternative laxatives as a solution to overcome this defecation. Many forget that this activity is not a solution.

It causes other problems. Because of the effect of dependence on drugs. Then if there is no medicine. So BAB cannot be done smoothly.

2. Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids) and diverticulosis.

As we know Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids) is a swelling that occurs due to rupture of blood vessels around the anus. The factors for hemorrhoids themselves are very numerous.

For example, it can occur due to the difficulty of activities to defecate. In a very long time span.

While diverticulosis is a bulge that occurs around the outside of the intestine. Usually this protrusion is often accompanied by inflammation and infection.

3. Colon cancer (large intestine)

We have to admit that the only one of the most painful and deadliest diseases is cancer. Colon cancer is a cancer called the deadliest after lung cancer. The phenomenon of people suffering from this disease for Indonesia itself is very large in number.

For colon cancer itself the cause is very diverse. One of the most famous is from genetic or hereditary factors.

Besides genetic factors. The most vulnerable factor for people affected by this disease is age. Usually the most vulnerable age is the age of 50 years and over.

Because of the increasing age, lifestyle and diet will be increasingly wrong. Sometimes to consume food contains more fat than fiber.

If the food consumed is deficient in fiber. Will result in defecation activities not smooth. As a result the digestive tract cannot translate food waste toxins. This is what will then lead to colon cancer.

Causes of digestive problems in the body.

After understanding the phenomenon of the above problems. It can be concluded. That in every human body there are several types of bacteria. [Bacteria] These bacteria are grouped into 2 types. The first is "good" bacteria. The second is "bad" bacteria. To keep the body in the right direction. These two bacteria must be balanced.

If not, the body will be more susceptible to digestive disorders. And the more fatal risk for colon cancer will be higher.

The function of "bad" bacteria in the body is to produce poisons and cause disease (pathogens). Whereas "good" bacteria in the body. Serves as a tool to boost the immune system (immune system)

Indigestion that is like diarrhea caused by several viruses or antibiotics. In addition, "good" bacteria function to reduce the amount of carcinogenic toxins, and suppress the growth of tumor cells.

Solutions and ways to overcome digestive problems for old age.

To start a healthy life should be accustomed to everyone. Do not wait for the body to go down because it has been attacked by a disease. The first thing we have to look at is about the pattern of daily living. [19459] In this age, the risk of getting a disease is indeed greater. The immune system is not as strong as when the body is still young. Also make sure in addition to lifestyle. Physical activity is also considered.

Regular exercise must be carried out every day. Do light exercise even though it feels insignificant. The most recommended exercise is jogging.

In addition to exercise, eating patterns must also be regulated and cared for. Eat foods that are rich in fiber. If you feel the food that always enters the body is less fiber content. You can add supplements or vitamins.

Choose vitamins that are made from 100% natural plant fibers. Isphagula fiber (which is water insoluble). This fiber serves to help launch the chapter. The way it works is to bind the water contained in the large intestine, so that the volume of feces remaining food scraps can be made softer.

Chicory fiber (inulin) is a fiber that has prebiotic ability. This fiber serves to stimulate the growth of good bacteria and suppress the number of bad bacteria. So the percentage of bacteria that is beneficial to the body can be higher.

Choose also vitamins rich in antioxidants to reduce the number of free radicals that cause cell damage. Besides vitamins. Live freely from sugar. Limit it to consuming excessive sugar. Because the risk of disease is greater.


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