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Prevention Tips And Flu Treatments

Influenza disease or better known as a cold can attack anyone. But a healthy person will recover faster than people who have weak immunity. So the most important thing to keep yourself from the flu is to boost the natural immune as much as possible. One of the ways is by taking vitamin C.

Here are some tips to prevent the flu:

1 avoiding the crowd

The flu sufferer is advised to stay at home during the flu. This is done so that the flu virus does not spread anywhere and attack others.

2 using a handkerchief and covering the nose

when sneezing helps to prevent the spread of the flu to others. Hand washing regularly is also important to prevent the spread of flu. The widespread spread of the flu is mostly done through handshakes rather than through sneezing. Avoiding contact with the hands of the nose and eyes can also reduce the spread of flu.

3 Fit and healthy people with low levels of stress can also catch the flu.

Therefore exercising regularly on a healthy diet and avoiding stress as much as possible helps to protect yourself from the flu.

Some things to know about flu:

  1. flu is generally caused by rhinovirus infection.
  2. more than 100000 different viruses as the cause of flu, it is impossible to further develop into an effective flu vaccine
  3. The spread of the flu is basically done by direct contact from person to person, but also through the spread of infection.
  4. flu 2 to 3 times a year her children 6 to 12 times a year her. Parents with toddlers are more likely to have flu than adults.
  5. Flu symptoms vary greatly from person to person, but in general flu symptoms are a watery nose and a sore throat followed by a clogged nose. [19659011] no curative treatment is available for the flu, all currently available treatments are drugs that relieve or alleviate symptoms.

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